First ever double run day and Dan’s idea of a challenge

Hey everyone! I had my first double run day ever on Wednesday. It’s not something I plan on doing often, but it was low miles so I felt good about doing it. While I am a low mileage runner, I love reading training info from marathon runners and ultra runners. Their double run days sound so crazy to me, but I know it works for them. I headed to the gym to lift and truly focus on strength training, but the treadmill was calling my name! I did lift for about 2 minutes longer than I normally strength train. I knew I had my run with the 5k training group in the evening, but since it is the first week they are still easing into their miles so we had an easy 20 minutes scheduled. I decided I could handle an easy run in the morning so I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill with some low inclines thrown in to mix it up. It truly was an easy run, but I still finished my work-out looking like this:


Apparently ALL of the sweat in the world belongs to me! I show you these sweaty, make-up free pictures for a couple of reasons. First, working hard isn’t always pretty. I’m half kidding! I kind of feel the need to bring this up because I recently got on Instagram (@reservedforrunning) to try and reach new runners, low mileage runners…. people just looking for motivation. I have found that the world is FULL of beautiful people. I love seeing running updates and weight loss updates, but some of these pictures seem too perfect or too filtered. Believe me, I am not busting on anyone and how they want the world of strangers to see them, but it made me think about how ok I am with sharing my not so flattering pictures…. sweat and all. That is my promise, all pictures of me are the  real deal. I follow plenty of people on Instagram that keep it real and I so admire that.

So….about Dan’s challenge. He decided the other day that we should do 10 push-ups every hour, on the hour. Um….. ok??


He seemed to be feeling motivated or inspired or just crazy so of course I went along with the challenge! 🙂 We started at 10am and ended at 8pm. Apparently I forgot about doing push-ups lately and they were difficult so I did modified push-ups and by the last 2-3 sets, I went to 8 push-ups. I stuck with it. Dan rocked all of the push-ups. Dan got the idea because one of his buddies was applying to work for a law enforcement agency a few years ago and was training for the physical fitness test. One of the things he did was start off with 10 push-ups every hour, on the hour. By the time he went to take his physical fitness test, he was doing 40 push-ups every hour, on the hour. Beast! I’m not quite sure I will get to that point, but I’m willing to give it a try again…once my arms aren’t so sore!

The morning of the push-up challenge, I had a great 3 mile progression run. It went like this:

5 minute walking warm-up

1/2 mile running warm-up 5.7-5.9 mph

1 mile at 6.1 mph

1 mile 6.4 mph

1 mile 6.8 mph

1/4 mile running cool down 6.0 mph

Progression runs (running each mile a little faster than the last) are a great way to train your body to run faster with each passing mile without getting crazy. It’s a perfect way to train for a 5k race. If you do enough progression runs, you will be ready to build speed without starting off too fast and have enough energy to finish strong!  I know this sounds so basic, but think of how often you walk or run the exact same pace for your entire 20,30, 40 minute work-out…. hmmm? Running at the same pace is great for an easy run, but if you are looking to get faster or run a smart race (no mater the distance) then progression runs help your body push when you need it most, without burning out before the race is done. Once again, I am a big believer in doing different types of runs to improve. It doesn’t have to be all about racing because it’s really great to see personal improvement. I have completed very few official races, but after years of doing the same thing, I changed up my running and I had great results. Maybe this is the reason I have been bitten by the racing bug…. I have shown myself that I am capable of so much more than I thought.

Thursday was a much needed rest day and today I am hitting up my Zumba class for some cross training and then a short speed work-out on the treadmill. I will be nice and warmed up after the class and I want to get in my last speed run before my first 5k race of the season next weekend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Mine will be a busy one filled with Si-Guy’s first Little League game, opening day festivities at the ball park and Super D’s horseback riding on the farm.


Have you ever tried doing a push-up challenge? Dan and I did a 30 day plank challenge a few years ago and I have to say, it really helped build up my time planking.

Any fun plans for the weekend?





What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner? Week of 4/16/18

Hey everyone! I have this week’s meal plan ready for you, but it’s a day late after a busy weekend. Take a look and then I will get into some running updates!

meal plan april 16

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7 miles so far and trying to fix my face

Hey everyone! No sighting of the mountain lion/bobcat/scary beast today. I feel like I am stalking him because I have been constantly looking out of every window in my house

The week is off to a good start with running. Yesterday I wasn’t really feeling a run, but I went since I had a couple of rest days and I never regret a run. I did some strength training and 3.1 miles. Today, I got in 4.1 miles which felt really good. I even showered at the gym to head out for errands afterwards. I am such a germaphobe and never shower at the gym and I always disinfect my phone when I get home. I told Dan that I showered at the gym and he couldn’t even process it. He paused for a while and then was like…. “You showered there? With shower shoes? You just don’t do that”.

I decided to run today since we are getting snow….again. I won’t even bother complaining about it. I’ll let my text messages with my sister do the talking. Take a peak:


snow text

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Monday miles….5 miles!

What up?! Yes, I got in 5 miles today. I have been hanging out around the 3.5-4.5 mile mark for a while. Sometimes it’s because of the limited time I have, but I have also had a little bit of a mental block about hitting 5 miles and I’m not sure why. It’s been a while since I ran 5 or 6 miles and I think I just got used to stopping. I felt really good today and  I went into my run knowing I was going for 5 miles, nice and easy. After I got the kiddos off to school, I made my new favorite breakfast- 2 eggs over easy and a mini bagel with homemade veggie cream cheese.


Best combination an hour before a run. I had a meeting at Si-Guy’s school so I skipped strength training (won’t get in the habit of that) today and headed up to the cardio cinema room to warm-up and run. They were playing some weird zombie movie, The Plague. I actually love zombie movies, but this one was a little….eh. I did a walking warm-up and then restarted the treadmill.


5 miles running and then .3 cool-down. I was really happy to hit 5 miles and get past my mental block. I KNOW it was a mental block because I felt good during the run, I felt like I could have run more when I was done and I was still totally energized throughout the day. Like everything else with running, have a plan and listen to your body. I have pushed too hard in the past with distance and/or speed and spent the rest of the day feeling wiped out which means I was not ready. Feeling wiped out after a marathon is to be expected, but wiped out after a few miles means you need to have a stronger running foundation which takes time and patience. I will be running a couple of 5k races next month and I hope to race my first 10k in May. I have more than enough time to be ready for the 10k, but it feels good to know that 5 miles isn’t too much for me.

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Unintentionally losing weight- why healthy snacking is important!

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about healthy snacking because I have been neglecting my snacks! Yes, I have unintentionally lost some weight recently and I don’t consider that a good thing. It really hit me this past week when my pants were noticeably looser. In the past, this has been a good thing because if I wanted to lose weight, I tried hard to do it by how my clothes felt rather than obsessively weighing myself. Now, I am happy with my weight and I want to get stronger and have more muscle definition, but I don’t want to be lighter. This is a first for me because I have spent almost my entire life wanting to be lighter. I wrote about my weight struggle and how I no longer run just for weight loss here.

I really had to stop and think, how did I drop some weight? I eat a lot of food everyday, especially on days when I have a hard run or work-out. I wasn’t feeling unusually hungry during the day…..hmmm. It hit me – I have not been snacking the way I have in the past and there’s a reason. When I worked my corporate office job, I did my runs after work in the early evening so I was sure to snack during the day to have the energy for a work-out. My meals used look like this:

8:30am – yogurt and mini bagel

10:30am – snack time: cheese wheel and crackers

12:00pm – large lunch of sandwich w/a side or a big salad w/a side

3:30pm – snack time: almonds and popcorn or granola bar

6:30pm – small dinner

See? Lots of snacks and a big lunch. Since I no longer work at the corporate office job, I run in the morning and for a while my eating plan was about the same until for some reason a month or so ago, it changed. My meals have been like this:

8:30am – bigger breakfast of 2 eggs and a mini bagel

12:00pm – large lunch of sandwich w/a side or a big salad w/a side or left-overs

6:30pm – dinner

I’m not a rocket scientist, but I think I see the problem! 🙂 Somehow I completely eliminated 2 snacks. A couple of nights I did some late night snacking which I haven’t done in a very long time so this was another way of body telling me it needs more food. So, this week I have been having snacks again. I have been having an afternoon smoothie with Greek yogurt (love all of the protein), bananas, strawberries and blueberries and I’m back in love with almonds again! I’m also stocking back up on granola bars and looking to make some new protein bars that I have been eyeing on Pinterest.

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