Check yourself before you wreck yourself! And, about my face….

Wow. I sometimes shake my head at my own post titles. Like I have said before, I pretty much write the way I talk…..

Before I get into this week’s runs, I wanted to give you an update about my new skin care stuff I am trying. I talked recently about trying to fix my face. I don’t really think I need to fix myself, but I really do need to start trying some kind of skin care program, routine, whatever. I have gotten away with never going to bed with make-up on, washing my face with a gentle cleaner and using my fragrance free Curel lotion as moisturizer for a lot of years. You read that right, I didn’t even have a face moisturizer until about 2 months ago. Ooops. I started using this night cream and I love it!

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7 miles so far and trying to fix my face

Hey everyone! No sighting of the mountain lion/bobcat/scary beast today. I feel like I am stalking him because I have been constantly looking out of every window in my house

The week is off to a good start with running. Yesterday I wasn’t really feeling a run, but I went since I had a couple of rest days and I never regret a run. I did some strength training and 3.1 miles. Today, I got in 4.1 miles which felt really good. I even showered at the gym to head out for errands afterwards. I am such a germaphobe and never shower at the gym and I always disinfect my phone when I get home. I told Dan that I showered at the gym and he couldn’t even process it. He paused for a while and then was like…. “You showered there? With shower shoes? You just don’t do that”.

I decided to run today since we are getting snow….again. I won’t even bother complaining about it. I’ll let my text messages with my sister do the talking. Take a peak:


snow text

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