First ever double run day and Dan’s idea of a challenge

Hey everyone! I had my first double run day ever on Wednesday. It’s not something I plan on doing often, but it was low miles so I felt good about doing it. While I am a low mileage runner, I love reading training info from marathon runners and ultra runners. Their double run days sound so crazy to me, but I know it works for them. I headed to the gym to lift and truly focus on strength training, but the treadmill was calling my name! I did lift for about 2 minutes longer than I normally strength train. I knew I had my run with the 5k training group in the evening, but since it is the first week they are still easing into their miles so we had an easy 20 minutes scheduled. I decided I could handle an easy run in the morning so I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill with some low inclines thrown in to mix it up. It truly was an easy run, but I still finished my work-out looking like this:


Apparently ALL of the sweat in the world belongs to me! I show you these sweaty, make-up free pictures for a couple of reasons. First, working hard isn’t always pretty. I’m half kidding! I kind of feel the need to bring this up because I recently got on Instagram (@reservedforrunning) to try and reach new runners, low mileage runners…. people just looking for motivation. I have found that the world is FULL of beautiful people. I love seeing running updates and weight loss updates, but some of these pictures seem too perfect or too filtered. Believe me, I am not busting on anyone and how they want the world of strangers to see them, but it made me think about how ok I am with sharing my not so flattering pictures…. sweat and all. That is my promise, all pictures of me are the  real deal. I follow plenty of people on Instagram that keep it real and I so admire that.

So….about Dan’s challenge. He decided the other day that we should do 10 push-ups every hour, on the hour. Um….. ok??


He seemed to be feeling motivated or inspired or just crazy so of course I went along with the challenge! 🙂 We started at 10am and ended at 8pm. Apparently I forgot about doing push-ups lately and they were difficult so I did modified push-ups and by the last 2-3 sets, I went to 8 push-ups. I stuck with it. Dan rocked all of the push-ups. Dan got the idea because one of his buddies was applying to work for a law enforcement agency a few years ago and was training for the physical fitness test. One of the things he did was start off with 10 push-ups every hour, on the hour. By the time he went to take his physical fitness test, he was doing 40 push-ups every hour, on the hour. Beast! I’m not quite sure I will get to that point, but I’m willing to give it a try again…once my arms aren’t so sore!

The morning of the push-up challenge, I had a great 3 mile progression run. It went like this:

5 minute walking warm-up

1/2 mile running warm-up 5.7-5.9 mph

1 mile at 6.1 mph

1 mile 6.4 mph

1 mile 6.8 mph

1/4 mile running cool down 6.0 mph

Progression runs (running each mile a little faster than the last) are a great way to train your body to run faster with each passing mile without getting crazy. It’s a perfect way to train for a 5k race. If you do enough progression runs, you will be ready to build speed without starting off too fast and have enough energy to finish strong!  I know this sounds so basic, but think of how often you walk or run the exact same pace for your entire 20,30, 40 minute work-out…. hmmm? Running at the same pace is great for an easy run, but if you are looking to get faster or run a smart race (no mater the distance) then progression runs help your body push when you need it most, without burning out before the race is done. Once again, I am a big believer in doing different types of runs to improve. It doesn’t have to be all about racing because it’s really great to see personal improvement. I have completed very few official races, but after years of doing the same thing, I changed up my running and I had great results. Maybe this is the reason I have been bitten by the racing bug…. I have shown myself that I am capable of so much more than I thought.

Thursday was a much needed rest day and today I am hitting up my Zumba class for some cross training and then a short speed work-out on the treadmill. I will be nice and warmed up after the class and I want to get in my last speed run before my first 5k race of the season next weekend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Mine will be a busy one filled with Si-Guy’s first Little League game, opening day festivities at the ball park and Super D’s horseback riding on the farm.


Have you ever tried doing a push-up challenge? Dan and I did a 30 day plank challenge a few years ago and I have to say, it really helped build up my time planking.

Any fun plans for the weekend?





Racing as a FAMILY with Camp Hillcroft!

Hey Everyone! The whole family is registered for our first race of the season, the 15th annual Miles of Hope 5k. All proceeds go to local Hudson Valley families going through breast cancer struggles. Not only are all 4 of us running, we are part of a team with our kids’ awesome summer camp, Camp Hillcroft! We are so happy to help support a local fund-raising event by running with a local camp. More on the camp in a bit because now that Spring Break is over, we are already planning summer activities for the kids.

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What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner? Week of 4-2-18

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We had a feast yesterday and it was so good. I’m already looking forward to all of the leftovers for lunch this week! Even after all of the cooking I did yesterday, I still have to plan for the week so here is the weekly meal plan:

meal plan 4-2-18

I will be trying this turkey meatloaf recipe from Salads for Lunch that she posted last week. It looks simple and tasty! I am not a huge meatloaf fan, but Dan really likes meatloaf and I’m pretty sure Si-Guy will be on board because he loves meatballs. Once I saw an easy recipe using turkey, I was all about it!

I can’t wait to put some more Spring like items on the menu. It’s still pretty cold in NY and it actually snowed this morning. I am ready for some warm weather grilling and having dinner on the back deck!

All of this food talk reminded me of a great article I read last week about why you should serve meals family style. I grew up having every dinner served family style. When Dan and I got together, it was just the 2 of us so I always served up dinner on plates from the kitchen and we took it to the table/couch. Why make more dishes to wash? Then we had kiddos and little toddler hands at the table — more bowls and plates just created more chances for something to be grabbed and knocked off the table so I continued to plate everything in the kitchen. Si-Guy and Super D are now 6 and 8 years old and really should be able to serve themselves. Not only that, but as a mom I need to learn to step back a little and let them care for themselves. So…. family style from now on! Sorry Dan (he tends to do most dinner dishes)! We have been really stressing the importance for the kiddos to exhibit polite table manners and wait for everyone to sit at the table before starting to eat. We used to allow them to start picking at their fruit or bread, but now they know to wait. Serving meals family style really encourages polite table manners. Everyone needs to ask politely for the food they would like to serve and to wait patiently for everyone to fill their plates. I also think this will help them learn how to serve portions right for them. I know this sounds so basic, but it so easy to get used to doing things a certain way and not seeing when you need to change.


Years ago Dan told me about a time he was out to dinner with a group of people and there was a teenager at the table and the parents still ordered his food and it seemed like he did not know how to order. Ever since the kids were big enough to talk, we had them order for themselves. Again, it sounds so basic, but take a look around and you will see many parents order for their children. Sure, the kids have a say in what they want to eat and it is decided/debated before the server comes over to take the order, but most parents do the ordering. Servers actually always look to me when asking what the kids want so I turn and ask the kiddos. We have taught the kids to wait their turn, look at the server when they are speaking, and order their food the proper way. It’s funny how I have placed a lot of emphasis on the kiddos being able to order for themselves at a restaurant, but at home, I have continued to do most everything for them when it is food related. I guess my light bulb went off!

As for work-outs this week, I will be focusing a lot on strength training and speed work. I planned on speed work last week, but with Spring Break and our quick trip out-of-town, I went for a couple of longer runs instead. I managed a 4 mile interval run, a 4.25 mile run, and a body combat class. Sometimes you have to adjust your plan to match up with life!

I hope your week if off to a good start!

Do you serve meals family style?

Silly Saturday Stuff

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I won’t have a meal plan posted for this week because the kids are on Spring Break! Yay! Our schedule will be a little bit off as we will be out and about doing fun stuff. So here are just a few fun things from the past couple of days.

Yesterday, I went to Zumba and the class attendance is getting bigger by the week. I guess the word is spreading on what a great class and work-out it is! This is me getting ready for class while blasting Metallica’s Enter Sandman.


Head banger hair! Even when my hair is not fixed or brushed, it is better than the mom bun I was rockin later in the day.

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Tempo Run & Positive body talk with kids

I feel amazing after my tempo run today! As I have mentioned before, I make my own modified/abbreviated version of tempo runs that are in line with the low weekly mileage I log. The last time I did a tempo run, I did a nice warm up and ran 1.25 miles at tempo pace (7.1 mph). Today, I decided to go for a full 2 miles at tempo pace to see how it felt and it was awesome. I dialed the speed back a little bit since I was going for 2 miles. Here is how I broke down the run:

tempo 3-22-18

I’m pretty sure I could have completed 2 miles at 7.1 mph, but I didn’t want to push it. I increased my speed for the last 1/2 mile of tempo pace because I felt so good. Sometimes I don’t push myself hard enough. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I am still getting used to the fact that I am faster now than ever before. I need to adjust my thinking and know I am capable of running faster and longer. Running in my 30’s has been good to me!

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