Hi! I’m Elizabeth, I’m an every day type of runner that loves to talk about running! I don’t have a closet full of super cute running clothes and I don’t run 50+ miles a week, but my love of running is strong and I hope to provide a little motivation to other runners out there….or at least some comic relief!

Three years ago, we moved to the Hudson Valley in New York and we love it! As a military family, we moved a lot (6 states in 8 years) and we are so happy to have settled in New York now that my husband is a reservist. It was a hard sell as my husband and I are both Southerners, but the Hudson Valley is so nice and welcoming with a surprising small town feel. Plus, you can’t beat the feeling of Spring running after a long winter!

I have been running for years, but was just recently bitten by the racing bug. After a couple of small races this year, I hope to be ready for the Spring racing season and tackle some longer distances.


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