Check yourself before you wreck yourself! And, about my face….

Wow. I sometimes shake my head at my own post titles. Like I have said before, I pretty much write the way I talk…..

Before I get into this week’s runs, I wanted to give you an update about my new skin care stuff I am trying. I talked recently about trying to fix my face. I don’t really think I need to fix myself, but I really do need to start trying some kind of skin care program, routine, whatever. I have gotten away with never going to bed with make-up on, washing my face with a gentle cleaner and using my fragrance free Curel lotion as moisturizer for a lot of years. You read that right, I didn’t even have a face moisturizer until about 2 months ago. Ooops. I started using this night cream and I love it!


It was inexpensive….maybe $15? Plus, it smells nice. I do not like scented lotions, but this has a mild fragrance and it has been great on my sensitive skin.

I tried a black charcoal mask that I wasn’t crazy about a little while ago, but I had a L’Oréal sample of a gentle scrub mask and I will definitely be buying a full size tube.


Get ready for my face!


I look crazy. The mask goes on pink and dries for about 15 minutes and then it is a little orange. I look like Ross from the Friends episode where he gets the terrible spray tan.

spray tan

After the scrub. No make-up.


It washed off easily and my skin felt great.

For all of you minimal make-up wearers like me, I use Almay’s Smart Shade foundation. It is so lightweight and blends nicely so you don’t get those weird make-up lines.


There you have it, my new basic skin care routine from someone who knows nothing about products! It seems to be working for me and everything is really inexpensive. Bonus! Now on to what I know a little more about….running!

Yes, I had to check myself before I wrecked myself yesterday and today during my runs. I had planned on speed work this week because I did not work on speed last week, but I will need to wait another week. On Saturday I pinched a nerve in my lower back. This has not happened in forever. Saturday night and Sunday were pretty terrible, but I was feeling a little better on Monday. I decided to have a rest day on Monday and not push too soon so I thought Tuesday would have been a great day for a run. Hell no, it most definitely was not. I did some light upper body strength training and a longer than usual walking warm-up on the treadmill to get ready for an easy, slow run. As soon as I started to run I could feel the pinched nerve. I stopped and did 45 minutes of incline walking which felt great. I think the long walk really helped loosen everything up because I felt so much better the rest of the day and I slept through the night. I hit the gym today for more strength training and I did an easy interval run/walk for 3 miles. My back is feeling good, but I made myself take it easy and I know I will be glad I did when I can do a normal 3-4 mile run tomorrow.

I know so many of us get frustrated when we can’t run or work-out at our normal level, but it really pays to take it easy. There is no reason for me to make myself run. Plus, I have my work with the 5k training group starting soon and I wouldn’t be much of a running mentor if I was hobbling around instead of running with them! Knowing I was not doing a long run today made me focus on more time strength training and hitting muscle groups that I have not worked in a while (chest and triceps). I think being forced to slow down can be good because you have to get creative with your work-out. I haven’t done a long incline walk on the treadmill in forever and I forgot what a great work-out it is. I need to keep this in mind because I should rotate this into my training as a low impact cardio session.

Until next time!


What is your favorite low impact work-out?


2 thoughts on “Check yourself before you wreck yourself! And, about my face….”

    1. Thanks, Deborah! I actually thought of you when I pinched my nerve because I had read about your back issues a day or two before. I was frustrated by the back issue, but so glad I rested. I was able to do 4 miles today and I felt great!


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