Racing as a FAMILY with Camp Hillcroft!

Hey Everyone! The whole family is registered for our first race of the season, the 15th annual Miles of Hope 5k. All proceeds go to local Hudson Valley families going through breast cancer struggles. Not only are all 4 of us running, we are part of a team with our kids’ awesome summer camp, Camp Hillcroft! We are so happy to help support a local fund-raising event by running with a local camp. More on the camp in a bit because now that Spring Break is over, we are already planning summer activities for the kids.

Dan and I raced the 5k last year, just the two of us. For those of you that missed this picture from a while ago, this was Dan at the start of the race:


I told you – he races to humor me. 🙂 It was cold and rainy that morning so we are hoping for sunshine this year! I planned on running the 5k again this year and before I registered, Camp Hillcroft sent a message out that they were organizing a team again this year. Yes! Dan and I were so happy to join them. They even have awesome shirts made for anyone looking to walk or run the 5k to show support for this cause


It will be awesome to be a part of a large group of runners in pink tye-dye! When we ran the race last year, we had our babysitter come over to watch the kids. We don’t have family in the area so pretty much any activity we do together requires a babysitter. A few days after I registered and let the camp know we are running with them, I received a message from the owner that we should bring Super D and Si-Guy and her daughter will watch them while we race. What?! Such an amazing and kind offer. I was so happy to know we could bring the kids because they always want to check out races. As soon as I told the kids they could go with us, they wanted to know if there was a kid fun run. Why, yes there is! And that is how we will all run as a family! The kids 1 mile fun run starts a half hour before the 5k so we will run/warm-up with them and they get to hang out with friends during the 5k race.

The race is fun because it is very low-key and you find people there that just want to support a great cause. Another bonus is that the event starts at 10am so no rushing around trying to get the kids ready to go first thing in the morning. A big part of the course is on a dirt and gravel trail. Since it was rainy last year, everyone’s time was probably a little slower than normal, but I did finish 2nd in my age group (30-39)! I am definitely not looking for a super speedy 5k this year, but to go out and join a great group of people and run as a family. I will set some PR goals for other upcoming races. 🙂

As I mentioned, Dan and I are already making summer plans. When you have small kids, you have to plan early! In the past, we were always behind on making plans, but we are on top of it this year. We figured out roughly when and where we want to take a family vacation so we knew when to register the kids for Camp Hillcroft. For all of my local readers…. I can not say enough great things about this camp. Super D and Si-Guy attended camp there for the first time last year and they loved it! Dan and I might love it as much as they do. After Dan and I toured the amazing camp, we wished they did an adults only day! It is one of those places that just feels RIGHT. Camp is no small expense for anyone and we really wanted a place that we felt was safe, fun, and interesting for the kids. Nailed it!

They have a private lake and the campers get to spend the day there once a week and go for special cook-outs! Fishing, boating, games….


And look at this climbing wall!


The number of activities are endless. The kids take swim lessons everyday and have a free swim period as well. Si-Guy and Super D started last summer as water fanatics, but they were NOT swimmers. After a few weeks at camp, they were swimming like crazy! Aside from all of the amazing physical activities, I love that there are cooking lessons, a farm, wood working (they came home with awesome projects), drama (the actress in me just loved this option), ceramics and so much more that appeals to both the athletes and the creative types! The kids get to choose what special activities they want to do each day as well as play and learn with their core group. I really like that they get to make so many choices about their camp experience. At the start of the day they sign up for their special activities so they have to make decisions and look at their whole week to make sure they get to do what they want to do when it is available. Decision making made fun!

As you can see, we are thankful to have found a wonderful place for the kids to spend part of their summer. Plus, there is an amazing camp photographer that captures great moments all over camp and without fail, those pictures are loaded daily so the parents can see all of the fun. What makes it even more special is that this family owned camp really does contribute to our community. Not only are they organizing a large team for the 5k race, but over the holidays, they organized gift donations for local families in need. I happily participated along with so many other families that are part of this awesome place.

I can’t wait to update everyone on our very first family race at the end of the month! Wish us luck!

Anyone else racing this month?

Favorite camp memories?


2 thoughts on “Racing as a FAMILY with Camp Hillcroft!”

  1. Sounds like a great family affair! Good luck. The camp sounds great as well, I love when they have a photographer. I did a golf camp when I was little for 3 weeks. It was far away from home but they had a photographer taking pictures all day and sent them to my parents each night!


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