Silly Saturday Stuff

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I won’t have a meal plan posted for this week because the kids are on Spring Break! Yay! Our schedule will be a little bit off as we will be out and about doing fun stuff. So here are just a few fun things from the past couple of days.

Yesterday, I went to Zumba and the class attendance is getting bigger by the week. I guess the word is spreading on what a great class and work-out it is! This is me getting ready for class while blasting Metallica’s Enter Sandman.


Head banger hair! Even when my hair is not fixed or brushed, it is better than the mom bun I was rockin later in the day.


I needed to pick up a few things from the grocery store after class since a friend of ours was coming over for dinner. I was running low on time to get home, eat, shower and make it to Si-Guy’s school for his Spring party so I picked this up for lunch on my way home:


I am definitely adding grilled squash the next time I make homemade veggie pizza! My pizza picture reminded me of a great shirt Si-Guy got from his Grandma for Christmas.

IMG_2212 (1)

I managed to make it to school on time after treating myself to Starbucks. It has been months since I went to Starbucks, but it sounded really good until I heard the price and had to pay for it!


I really won’t complain about the price because I chose to go there, but it has been so long that I truly forgot how expensive it can be. It sure was tasty and I needed a little caffeine burst to help the 1st graders with their bunny craft at the party! 🙂

A friend of ours was in town for the night and came over for dinner. It’s always nice to see him and I made awesome chicken enchiladas with a side salad topped with corn, tomatoes, tortilla strips and a homemade chipotle ranch dressing (I will share the recipe soon!). The salad was a huge hit! We were so hungry that I forgot to get a picture. I had a little bit of salad left over and I actually ate it for breakfast this morning. Salad with spicy dressing and Greek Yogurt…..

In other salad news. I had a salad for snack in the middle of the week and Super D wanted to join me as soon as she saw that I topped my salad with sunflower seeds. She made a bowl and wanted to photograph it:


How awesome is that picture?! She’s hired as my new food photographer! She almost never has Ranch dressing with her salad, but I was using it since I think Ranch and sunflower seeds are a good combo. She tried it, but I think she still prefers Italian or oil and vinegar which is probably the better choice!

The sun was out today so Dan had a great idea to go on a hike at Bash Bish Falls. We didn’t really think about the fact that the trail would have a lot of snow so we wore running shoes, but we managed! The kiddos found their own walking sticks and we did the short 3/4 mile hike to the falls and back. Just before you get to the falls, you cross the New York and Massachusetts state line. Super D and I are super heroes that can be in 2 places at once:


We have 1 foot in NY and 1 foot in MA. It was fun and I am glad we got out of the house today and enjoyed the fresh air.

Every time I leave the house, Dexter walks me to the door and then gives me his sad face through the window.


Poor dog does not like to be left.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

What do you think? Salad for breakfast?

Any exciting plans over the weekend?






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