7 miles so far and trying to fix my face

Hey everyone! No sighting of the mountain lion/bobcat/scary beast today. I feel like I am stalking him because I have been constantly looking out of every window in my house

The week is off to a good start with running. Yesterday I wasn’t really feeling a run, but I went since I had a couple of rest days and I never regret a run. I did some strength training and 3.1 miles. Today, I got in 4.1 miles which felt really good. I even showered at the gym to head out for errands afterwards. I am such a germaphobe and never shower at the gym and I always disinfect my phone when I get home. I told Dan that I showered at the gym and he couldn’t even process it. He paused for a while and then was like…. “You showered there? With shower shoes? You just don’t do that”.

I decided to run today since we are getting snow….again. I won’t even bother complaining about it. I’ll let my text messages with my sister do the talking. Take a peak:


snow text

So…. the 2 big take aways here is that I apparently talk/text like a sailor sometimes and I learned my lesson and I only eat Taco Bell after my run now. I fueled my run with Taco Bell back in December and it was a disaster. I don’t think I am having a good week with eating! Taco Bell once every 3-4 months can’t be that bad! 🙂 Even after all of that food for lunch, I was hungry for a snack. Pistachios and Greek yogurt. Life is all about balance.  I have NO guilt about my lunch, but I am craving a gigantic salad for dinner. Wonder why….

So, big salad for dinner tonight and then a crock pot meal for tomorrow since I will be busy shoveling, snow blowing the driveway like a boss, and keeping the kiddos from tearing the house apart!

I got totally side tracked by the snow and Taco Bell talk. As for fixing my face…. I tried a face mask today. I don’t think I have ever used a face mask. Maybe back in sleep over days as a teenager? A few weeks ago, I bought some sample sized face masks to try because I felt like I needed a little extra help in the skin care department. The face masks have been sitting in my drawer so I decided today was the day! I am NOT a product person at all. I always wash and moisturize my face, but I barely wear make-up, I don’t use high-end stuff, and I don’t go for facials. I think my skin is decent, but over the past year, I have been seeing some changes and a face mask once a decade will totally fix it.

I scared the kids to death when I walked into the playroom!


Now you understand why. I was even surprised when I turned the camera on myself. Whoa. Super D said I looked ready to play football or go on a mission.

In other face news…. does anyone else have this problem?


My glasses never stay up! They are fitted properly, but I barely have a bridge on my nose so they slide down. This is why I wear contacts all of the time. Si-Guy inherited my nose and he has the same problem with sunglasses. I feel ya, kid.

That’s all for today. I’m off doing mom stuff!

Any skin care tips? I could use them!




7 thoughts on “7 miles so far and trying to fix my face”

  1. The snow never ends! I also hate showering at the gym, it’s more an issue of not liking to change and dry my hair there though. MMM taco bell. TB and pizza hut are my biggest fast food cravings, but I don’t have either nearby, so I can rarely indulge.

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