Rest day, random day. Oh and a Mountain Lion!

You GUYS!!! I saw a mountain lion. Yeah, not on Animal Planet or at the zoo. In MY yard…by my kid’s playset!


I’m about 95% sure it was a mountain lion and not a bobcat based off the markings I could see through my sheer surprise and panic. I had Dexter outside to go to the bathroom and as we were on the deck, he stopped and was looking at the backyard and the mountain lion froze and stared at us. I got Dexter inside and tried to get a picture, but he walked over our rock wall into a small section of woods. A few minutes later, I saw him walking in the yard of the people behind us making all kinds of cat cries and calls. Holy hell. I tried calling animal control, but no one was answering so I will try again tomorrow. I’m really not sure if they can or will do anything because cats have a large territory and they might just come back? I don’t know what I’m talking about. I will report it tomorrow and see what information they can provide. I’m used to seeing deer and coyotes in our neighborhood, but a pouncing predator? Looks like I won’t be running in my neighborhood for a little while.


Ok, onto the rest day, random day stuff. Yesterday was a rest day after a good week’s worth of work-outs. I thought I would do one of those random surveys to give you some more information about me.

What did you want to be when you “grew up”?

Actress or cop! Weird combo? I was set on being an actress from a very young age and I was always the performer. I got involved in theatre when I was in middle school and it was a big part of my life in high school along with sports, work and friends. I even studied it in college for a short while. I used to never tell new people I met that I was an actress because a lot of people think, “oh you’re probably dramatic and weird and dramatic“. I am a really animated talker, but I don’t think I’m overly dramatic. As for the cop thing….. the practical side of my mind knew that being a successful, working actress is pretty tough to pull off and I always felt drawn to law enforcement. My dad is a lawyer so maybe it was the exposure to right and wrong….the law? I don’t know. At the age of 21, I went in for the cop test. I passed it and progressed through several stages of the recruiting process before I decided to withdraw my application. At some point in the process, I knew I was not quite ready/too young. I knew it was a major career and life choice and I knew I wasn’t ready to commit at the time. 

What is one your most awkward moments?

So, this one goes back to the cop recruiting process. After my written test, I went in for the physical fitness test and the polygraph. The polygraph was so awkward. It really is like what you see in the movies. I was connected to a machine with a ton of wires, I faced a white concrete wall, told not to fidget and then the questions began. What they don’t show in the movies is that they tell you the questions they are going to ask before they start monitoring you. I got the basic questions and then they asked a few really awkward sexual questions as it relates to what is legal or illegal. Don’t worry, it was all on the up and up and the room had more than one person in it and I know the other recruits had the same questions. The idea is to put you in uncomfortable situations to see if you are truthful no matter what the topic may be. The guy conducting the polygraph exam was about 100 years old. Awkward! What’s worse is I had to do the test 3 times. There was a spike in one of my results ( I wasn’t lying) and because of that, they had to obtain 2 more tests that were conclusive with me telling the truth. I was a sweaty mess when I left! Believe me, I have so many awkward moments, but this one always sticks out!

What is the best gift you ever received?

surprise skydiving trip! This one is all because of Dan. I don’t really have a bucket list, but Dan knew I always wanted to try skydiving. We were recently stationed in New Jersey (2012) and I was a depressed mess which I talk about here. Super D was a toddler and Si-guy was about 7 months old and Mother’s Day was coming up. Depression is hard on the people around you because they want to fix it or fix you or just help. It is always with good intentions, but people with depression know you really have to help yourself. Anyway, Dan is just so sweet and thoughtful and he really wanted to help me do something that would make me happy. Surprise skydiving for Mother’s Day! He bought me a dive and we all got loaded up in the car and I had no idea where I was going. He even blind folded me as we got close to the airport so I couldn’t see where we were going. When we showed up, I was stunned and so excited. The weather wasn’t cooperating that day and the dive was cancelled. I was so pumped up and then we had to leave and come back the next day which only gave me more time to think about it! I did the dive the next day and it was awesome. Jumping out of a plane is pretty badass and I did it! I did throw up, BUT not until after I landed and rode in the car to get lunch. Dan ordered lunch, I got sick in the bathroom and then I stuffed my face! I didn’t get sick because of stress or fear….. I have really bad motion sickness. As it turns out, floating down in a parachute with a crazy, Australian instructor that keeps turning me around for the “views” is not good for someone with motion sickness. 🙂

I found out later that Dan was terrified once we took off in the plane…. all of a sudden it hit him that he had a baby in a stroller and a toddler with him and he sent their mommy up in a plane just to jump out of it! I remember this as one of the best gifts I ever received because it was more of an experience, an experience Dan wanted to give me to help me feel better and to complete something I always talked about doing. 

Sweet or salty foods?

Salty! I used to be a huge candy fan, but about 5-6 years ago I stopped eating candy. I love chips and dip. I’m not a fan of cake or donuts. Every once in a while, I will go through a candy kick. The last time I really wanted candy was about 6 months ago. I ate candy for a week and my face broke out like I was a teenager!

Where do you want to travel?

Korea, Ireland, and England! I hope to check off all 3 in the near future!

What is your most annoying habit?

I crack my jaw. So annoying and so hard to stop. Super D hates it and calls me out on it. Good for her!

Best and worst trait?

Best – I am SOOOOO not judgmental. Let’s be for real, we all have our time of judging people and situations, but I turned that around a lot when I was 25. My life experiences really opened my eyes and made me understand that everyone and every situation has an entire story and not what you see for 2 seconds.

Worst – I am so impatient. I always have been and I see it in myself, but like cracking my jaw – it is so hard to stop and change!

I will keep you posted on the mountain lion situation!

Have you had any crazy wildlife experiences? I have 3 more from running and camping that I will share soon.

Any tips for me to stop be so annoying with cracking my jaw?


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