My 6 second video “review” of a new class and some speed work!

Hey everybody! I figured I would talk about a few random life things today, but here is a quick update on work-outs for the last half of the week. As for today, I decided to try a new fitness class at my gym. The class is “Sha’bam” and I thought it was a high intensity dance work-out that is a little more hip hop than Zumba. I went to the class expecting it to be all ……SHA’BAM – IN YOUR FACE! It was more like this:

Ain’t no shame up in my game. That’s a CLOSE-UP, make-up free video of me in the car at the gym parking lot. Sorry the video is huge. It’s a short video and I was annoyed trying to compress it. Next time I post a video, I will compress it! I don’t plan on doing a lot of videos, but I was cracking myself up in the car! So, definitely not much of a “review”, but you get the point….. the class was not as loud and fast as I thought. All kidding aside, the class was good, but not what I was expecting. Expectation management is everything in life, right? The instructor was very nice and energetic, but my expectation was a high intensity class. It’s actually probably good that it was low intensity after my long run earlier in the week and my speed work yesterday. About that speed work……

Yesterday I stuck to my plan and focused mostly on strength training and then did some speed work. As for strength, I worked mostly on biceps and legs. I did 4 sets of hammer curls and 4 sets of bicep curls while mixing in some planks, squats, leg lifts, leg sled machine and toe raises. I was recently reminded after reading this article from The Fitnessista that I should be working legs with weights. I don’t think I am alone on this…. most runners feel they work their legs so much with running that we neglect weight training them. I need to change that! I headed to the treadmill for some speed work.

5 minute walking warm-up

1/4 mile running warm up at 5.8 mph

1/4 mile run at 6.1 mph

2 miles of speed work with 30 seconds at speeds ranging from 7.0- 8.2 mph and 1:30 seconds of recovery running at 6.0 mph

Normally I would not do leg work and speed work in the same day, but since it has been so long since I worked legs with weights, I went very light. Speed felt really good yesterday. I started my 30 second intervals at 7.0 mph hour and bumped up gradually until I ended with a few intervals at 8.2 mph. My speed is slower on the treadmill so I really do run my speed work on the treadmill based on effort and not the pace displayed on the machine. My outdoor speed time is usually around a pace of 6:25-6:50. If I tried to match the treadmill speed to my outdoor speed, then I know I would be flying off the back of the treadmill!

I’m going to end the week with Zumba and a short run or just go for a long run…. I’m still undecided.

As for random life stuff…. you know you are a parent to small kiddos when your fancy bathtub with jets looks like this:


The kiddos love to have special bath time in our big tub. The big duck is Quacker and he has been around for about 6 years! Doesn’t everyone have ducks, dinos and mermaids in their bathtub?

I signed Si-Guy up for his first season of Little League! I can’t believe it. He has been so excited to start baseball so I hope he loves it. I even volunteered to be the “team parent”. I’m not sure what I was thinking….. 🙂 I grew up doing a lot of team sports and I loved it. I played basketball, swam on a swim team (100 meter butterfly was my jam), and I played lacrosse in high school. I think sports are so important for kids. It doesn’t matter if you are a star player. It’s good to learn how to work together towards a common goal.

Oh and this guy:


Dexter got out of the yard a couple of nights ago at almost 11pm at night. Dan had a night flight so I was up a little later to see him. Dexter went to the bathroom and then bolted from the yard. Not only did he roam the neighborhood, he got out of the neighborhood and crossed a very dark, narrow 2 lane road to go visit a house. So scary! Dan got a call from the people that found a 90 pound German Shepherd in their yard and were kind enough to get him and call us! Dexter is so sweet and gentle, but I’m not sure what I would do if I found this dog in my yard at night! Dan had a very nice idea to grab a bottle of wine and a pie (it was PI day when we dropped it off)  for the people that found Dexter.

In other random life news….. I will be having a total of 5 kids at the house on Saturday for a play date. My 2 plus 3 friends for the kiddos. Ahhhh! The 3 that are coming over are siblings and such sweet kids. It will be St. Patrick’s Day so I got a fun craft for them to work on and I will make Shamrock shakes! Wish me luck!


What low intensity work-outs do you enjoy? 

Do you hate seeing yourself on video? I do! 🙂











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