What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner? Week of 3/11/18

Another week down and another meal plan ready to share! Here is what I am looking to make this week:

meal plan Mar 11

I am really excited about the buffalo chicken quesadillas. I will be using my versatile crock pot chicken recipe to cook a few pounds of chicken.  I will use some for quesadilla night and freeze the rest for other meals. I will also be using my crock pot on Tuesday for the stew because we may have another snow storm coming our way. It is so much easier having a crock pot dinner cooking when we are busy shoveling all day long! I use this recipe from Food Network and it is a hit with everyone in the house. Super D and I don’t care for Italian sausage so our bowls are filled with white beans, tomatoes, and pasta. Dan and Si-Guy love the sausage so everyone wins. It is a super simple recipe.

I tried no bake, peanut butter protein balls for the first time last week to have some hearty snacks on hand and we already made 2 batches! As I suspected, Super D and Si-Guy liked them a lot, too! My little helper:

I ended the week with my Friday Zumba class and it was awesome. The instructor added in some new songs and it was so much fun. Like my previous class, I was feeling really energized and warmed-up so I did a speedy one mile on the treadmill before I left the gym. I knew I would not have time to run over the weekend so throwing in just 1 mile of running should hold me over until Monday. 🙂

Saturday was horseback riding for Super D.


One of the reasons I love that she is so into horseback riding (aside from being horse crazy myself) is that she truly is learning what it means to care for something/someone other than herself. Horseback riding is a wonderful sport and you develop a relationship with your horse and you learn to care for them and show them appreciation. While her lesson is 30 minutes long, she spends over an hour in the barn getting her horse ready to ride and she spends time cleaning the horse after her lesson. It’s pretty awesome to see her learn so much. I remember when I first learned to ride and I had just as much fun brushing and cleaning the horses as I did riding them. It’s a bond that is hard to explain to people who aren’t into horses, but one that I think most animal lovers can understand!

Si-Guy on the other hand doesn’t ever want to get too close to the horses!


Look! I actually wear my hair down sometimes! I truly hate fixing my hair….


Hair brushed AND a little bit of make-up! We all went out to lunch today and then I had my mentor training for the 5k group I am working with starting in April. It was awesome to meet the other mentors. The 5k group I will be training with is already 20 people and that number will most likely grow by the time we start in April. It sounds like a good mix of new runners and runners looking to hit some PR’s. I’m really looking forward to helping new runners realize they can accomplish so much and I hope to be a good pacer for those looking to hit some fast 5k times!

I hope your weekend was awesome!

What did you do over the weekend?



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