Monday miles….5 miles!

What up?! Yes, I got in 5 miles today. I have been hanging out around the 3.5-4.5 mile mark for a while. Sometimes it’s because of the limited time I have, but I have also had a little bit of a mental block about hitting 5 miles and I’m not sure why. It’s been a while since I ran 5 or 6 miles and I think I just got used to stopping. I felt really good today and  I went into my run knowing I was going for 5 miles, nice and easy. After I got the kiddos off to school, I made my new favorite breakfast- 2 eggs over easy and a mini bagel with homemade veggie cream cheese.


Best combination an hour before a run. I had a meeting at Si-Guy’s school so I skipped strength training (won’t get in the habit of that) today and headed up to the cardio cinema room to warm-up and run. They were playing some weird zombie movie, The Plague. I actually love zombie movies, but this one was a little….eh. I did a walking warm-up and then restarted the treadmill.


5 miles running and then .3 cool-down. I was really happy to hit 5 miles and get past my mental block. I KNOW it was a mental block because I felt good during the run, I felt like I could have run more when I was done and I was still totally energized throughout the day. Like everything else with running, have a plan and listen to your body. I have pushed too hard in the past with distance and/or speed and spent the rest of the day feeling wiped out which means I was not ready. Feeling wiped out after a marathon is to be expected, but wiped out after a few miles means you need to have a stronger running foundation which takes time and patience. I will be running a couple of 5k races next month and I hope to race my first 10k in May. I have more than enough time to be ready for the 10k, but it feels good to know that 5 miles isn’t too much for me.

In other “exciting” news…. I actually bought a new pair of running shorts!


My black Champion shorts that I have been wearing for at least 2 years straight need a break! I found these Under Armour shorts at Marshall’s for $13. Super D was selling Girl Scout cookies over the weekend in front of a Marshall’s so I took a look around and found shorts and a shirt. I am so picky about the length and waist band of shorts and these are perfect! Very comfortable during the run. I always forget to check out Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for clothes and I should do it more often because the prices are really good.

I cut my timing a little too close to get home, shower, eat, start the crock pot for dinner and get to the school on time. I did manage to shower and start the chicken in the crock pot, but I had to grab a protein ball and yogurt to eat. As soon as the meeting was over, I raced over to the best salad bar in town and grabbed a huge salad with tuna. I can’t wait too long to eat, but the snack definitely helped.

As for tomorrow’s work-out, that is a little up in the air. We are either getting just a bit of snow or several inches which will probably close schools and leave the roads a little messy until the afternoon. If the weather is good, then I will be hitting the gym for mostly strength training. Otherwise, it will be shoveling snow and maybe some Zumba at home with YouTube. The kiddos would probably like to try it with me! Maybe I can convince Dan to do it too…..

Are you battling any mental blocks with a certain distance or pace?

Favorite Zombie movie? 




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  1. Catherine

    Do you ever run in the dark? The days I have an early start at work, I run on my local walking track when it’s still dark out. I clip a little light onto my shorts so I can see where I’m going (and so others can see me) and I always find those runs a lot easier and more enjoyable. I’m assuming it’s because I don’t have all those usual visual cues (ugh, three k’s to go, five k’s to go, etc), I’m just concentrating on one step at a time. I don’t know, is mindful running a thing? Because that’s what it feels like.


    • reservedforrunning

      Hey Catherine! No, I don’t run in the dark, but I can see how that is helpful. I’m too nervous to go out on paths in the dark. I do believe in mindful running though and there is something to it! I love the runs when I can be outside without music or distractions and that does help me focus less on my distance especially when I change up my running route. I don’t have certain markers to indicate my distance. Running is such a mental game.


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