What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner? Week of 3/4/18

Hey Everyone! I’m starting off with this week’s meal plan then I will give you a Nor’easter update and some running news!

meal plan 3-4-18

During my “power hour prep” for the week, I will be making some extra snacks. I will be making lemon garlic hummus and no bake peanut butter protein balls so I can keep my snacking on track all week long. I might have to make a double batch of the protein balls because I’m sure the kiddos will love them too!

The Nor’easter on Friday was pretty crazy. The wind and snow were insane. Dan was outside and heard a loud crack and then this happened:


One of our beautiful Evergreens from the side yard came down and blocked the road in front of our house. I came out to see the tree and then Dan and I heard 3 more loud cracks and 3 more trees went down. These trees have been around forever. We are very fortunate that there was no damage. Also, we are very fortunate for amazing neighbors. Our chainsaw is not working and our next door neighbor was out there right away with his chainsaw and he, another neighbor and Dan got the tree chopped up and cleared from the road. They worked hard!


I on the other hand was busy inside:


It was a really nice Pinot Noir.

Just when I thought Dan was going to be able to come inside and warm-up, I saw him snow blowing our neighbor’s driveway. I’m so glad he was able to help. Their snow blower died before the storm. This is the same neighbor that helped us when we first moved to NY 3 years ago and had ZERO snow removal equipment and got hit by a foot of snow. He took pity on us Southerners when he saw us trying to shovel a foot of snow off of our really long driveway. Good people! So, we made it and we were so lucky because we never lost power. Everyone around us was without power for 1-2 days and there are many more still going without.

The roads were clear on Saturday morning so we decided to get out of the house and go out for lunch. I was really craving Mexican food and 3 out of the 4 of us were on board with the plan. Can you guess which one was not in the mood for tacos?



We got a nice surprise too, there was a St. Patrick’s Day parade about to start along the street where we went to eat. We had lunch and watched the parade.

This morning I attended an information session for the 5k training group where I am going to be a running mentor. All of that talk about running really put me in the mood to run, but I had plenty of other things planned. I am so excited to be a part of this! Next week I will attend a mentor training session and I can’t wait to get more details and see the training plan that was developed by the coach. We won’t start training runs until mid-April in preparation for the 5k in June, but I am excited to meet the other mentors next week.

I’m off for now. Enjoy the last of the weekend!

Have you ever participated in a training group? What did you like most about it?

What are you making this week that sounds awesome?





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    • reservedforrunning

      I agree, plans change during the week! That’s why I plan for 5 meals because one night is for left overs and the other night is for something quick like soup and sandwiches. I usually save those nights for when the crazy life stuff happens!


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