Unintentionally losing weight- why healthy snacking is important!

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about healthy snacking because I have been neglecting my snacks! Yes, I have unintentionally lost some weight recently and I don’t consider that a good thing. It really hit me this past week when my pants were noticeably looser. In the past, this has been a good thing because if I wanted to lose weight, I tried hard to do it by how my clothes felt rather than obsessively weighing myself. Now, I am happy with my weight and I want to get stronger and have more muscle definition, but I don’t want to be lighter. This is a first for me because I have spent almost my entire life wanting to be lighter. I wrote about my weight struggle and how I no longer run just for weight loss here.

I really had to stop and think, how did I drop some weight? I eat a lot of food everyday, especially on days when I have a hard run or work-out. I wasn’t feeling unusually hungry during the day…..hmmm. It hit me – I have not been snacking the way I have in the past and there’s a reason. When I worked my corporate office job, I did my runs after work in the early evening so I was sure to snack during the day to have the energy for a work-out. My meals used look like this:

8:30am – yogurt and mini bagel

10:30am – snack time: cheese wheel and crackers

12:00pm – large lunch of sandwich w/a side or a big salad w/a side

3:30pm – snack time: almonds and popcorn or granola bar

6:30pm – small dinner

See? Lots of snacks and a big lunch. Since I no longer work at the corporate office job, I run in the morning and for a while my eating plan was about the same until for some reason a month or so ago, it changed. My meals have been like this:

8:30am – bigger breakfast of 2 eggs and a mini bagel

12:00pm – large lunch of sandwich w/a side or a big salad w/a side or left-overs

6:30pm – dinner

I’m not a rocket scientist, but I think I see the problem! 🙂 Somehow I completely eliminated 2 snacks. A couple of nights I did some late night snacking which I haven’t done in a very long time so this was another way of body telling me it needs more food. So, this week I have been having snacks again. I have been having an afternoon smoothie with Greek yogurt (love all of the protein), bananas, strawberries and blueberries and I’m back in love with almonds again! I’m also stocking back up on granola bars and looking to make some new protein bars that I have been eyeing on Pinterest.

These are so good and not too spicy.


I’m not concerned about losing a few pounds, but I was concerned about how it happened. Everyone needs to eat well and as runners, we  really need to make sure we are eating enough to fuel our bodies and build muscle. Otherwise, our running progress will stall or deteriorate.

Life stuff happens and schedules change so this is just a good reminder for everyone to be mindful of what you may not be eating. Even for those looking to lose weight, snacking is important and so is getting enough calories to help you walk, run, practice yoga or cycle. Food is enjoyable and I love to eat! I eat because food tastes good, but I also eat to maintain my fitness level. I wish we could all look at food as fuel and a necessity a little more often rather than just calories that need to be burned to lose weight.


I had a decent run on the treadmill yesterday. The cardio cinema room was playing The Perfect Storm. I haven’t seen that movie in forever and I forgot how intense it is. I also forgot that there is a terrible helicopter crash into the ocean in one of the scenes. Dan is a helicopter pilot and for years when we were first together, it bothered me so much to see crashes in movies. Obviously I still don’t like it, but I can handle it now.

I started with a 10 minute walking warm -up and restarted the treadmill. I ran 4.25 miles with an overall average pace of 6.2 mph and then had a walking cool down.


As for the weekend…. Happy Nor’easter Friday from NY! That’s right, we are in the middle of a Nor’Easter now with crazy winds and snow.

snow day.jpg

Not a blurry picture, the wind is sending snow flying around and at times, near white-out conditions. Fingers crossed we don’t lose power!

The weather should clear up tonight so hopefully we can do fun stuff over the weekend!


What are your favorite snacks? I’m looking to add some new things.

Do you ever have to remind yourself to snack?



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