Don’t waste your money or your veggies – how to use the extras!

Hey everyone! Yesterday, as I was unloading my groceries and cleaning out the fridge, I realized I had some extra veggies to use before they went bad. I had an extra bell pepper, carrots and I just bought green onion for one of my recipes this week and I know I won’t use it all in one dish. So, I decided to make a quick veggie cream cheese spread to have with my mini bagels for the week. I love not wasting food! You don’t need much of each ingredient so it’s a perfect way to use up the scraps.

cream cheese

It really is quick and without all of the added ingredients found in pre-made flavored cream cheese.

cream cheese recipe

I use this Microplane zester for the carrots because I like the consistency better than shredded carrots in the spread. My sister gave me the Microplane years ago and it is still going strong and holds up really well in the dishwasher. Another variation to this spread is to use jalepenos. I always have extra jalepenos when making salsa so I save the end pieces to make a spicy spread. Perfect on sandwiches!

If cream cheese is not your thing, another way to save the last bits of veggies is to use it to make chicken broth or veggie broth. Just combine all of your random pieces of carrots, onion, garlic, or celery and save it to make a broth that can be frozen and used at a later date.

I enjoyed my bagel and cream cheese with 2 eggs over easy before my run. I used to only eat fried eggs over hard, never with a runny yolk. Fannetastic Food got me hooked on runny yolks after seeing some of her awesome meals. I tried it and I won’t turn back!

I headed to the gym for an easy run. I did a 10 minute walking warm-up and restarted the treadmill. My run went like this:

1/2 mile: 5.6 – 5.9 mph

2.5 miles: 6.1 – 6.5 mph

1/2 mile: 6.0 – 5.7 mph

1/4 mile: walk 


In more exciting running news….. I am going to be a running mentor for a 5k training group through Fleet Feet Sports Poughkeepsie! What?! I am so excited. I am going to be working with a training group to help prepare them for the Walkway over the Hudson 5k in June! I can’t say enough about our local Fleet Feet store. Amazing. I love that they provide so many events and training groups. This Sunday, I will be attending an informational session for those interested in being part of the training group and the following week, I will undergo mentor training. I will definitely give updates, but I am so excited to be a part of this and to help new runners reach their goals!


Have you signed up for any races yet or your FIRST one?

Any tips on how to use veggies before they get tossed in the trash?





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  1. Monday miles….5 miles! – Reserved for Running

    […] What up?! Yes, I got in 5 miles today. I have been hanging out around the 3.5-4.5 mile mark for a while. Sometimes it’s because of the limited time I have, but I have also had a little bit of a mental block about hitting 5 miles and I’m not sure why. It’s been a while since I ran 5 or 6 miles and I think I just got used to stopping. I felt really good today and  I went into my run knowing I was going for 5 miles, nice and easy. After I got the kiddos off to school, I made my new favorite breakfast- 2 eggs over easy and a mini bagel with homemade veggie cream cheese. […]


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