What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner? Week of 2/25/18

I have another great meal plan for you this week! My grocery store is having an amazing buy one, get one free deal on chicken so I have a couple of chicken dishes planned. Hopefully Si-Guy doesn’t lose his mind when he hears we are having something other than meatballs! This is what’s for dinner this week:

meal plan Feb 25

I mentioned last week in my practical meal planning tips, that I usually have one “gourmet” meal planned a week for a night when I have plenty of time to cook. This week that meal is the herb chicken in lemon sauce and Parmesan risotto. I have been craving risotto and while it’s not hard to make, it definitely is time-consuming, but so worth it! I’m actually the only one that really likes it and I still take the time to make it. You can’t deny your cravings.

The Chinese glass noodle dish is a new one for me. My sister sent me this recipe from Saveur Magazine and it looks amazing. Even though it is the first time I will be making it, I am making some changes. The recipe calls for ground pork and well….I don’t do ground pork. I know the dish would be great with chicken, but I already had 2 chicken meals planned so I thought this would make for a great vegetarian dish by omitting the pork and packing in the veggies! I will follow the recipe for the sauce and noodles and just add sautéed snow peas, carrots and edamame. The kids love noodles and edamame so I think it will be a hit. This meals satisfies my need to have one vegetarian meal a week as well as trying a new recipe.

I planned the corned beef and cabbage for Monday so that I could have left overs for sandwiches during the week. The best way to get thinly sliced pieces that are perfect on a sandwich is to wait for the meat to cool before slicing it. I made the mistake before of cutting it while it was still warm and the slices were too thick. I love when I plan ahead to have lunch food for the week. It is way easier for me to stick to the plan of buying lunch only once a week when I have prepared food at home that I am actually excited to eat. If I don’t plan ahead, my lunch can sometimes look like this:


This was from Friday, BUT I did have a huge salad to go with it topped with a scoop of tuna for some protein. I had an awesome Zumba class and I had to stop at the store afterwards to replenish our fresh fruit supply. The salad bar and hot bar were screaming my name. When I can’t decide between mashed potatoes and mac and cheese… I get a “little” of both. Aside from going to Zumba, it was the best choice I made all day.  So….the corned beef sandwiches for the upcoming week is definitely a good choice for me! Having a well-rounded meal plan is very satisfying. I take the doubt out of what to make for dinner each day of the week. When I plan in advance, I prepare meals on specific days so I do have left-overs or I have the time to try a new recipe.

As for our weekend so far, Super D had horseback riding and Si-Guy and I hung out with all of the animals in the barn.

Princess the bunny. She loves celery!


Penelope the pig doing what she does best!


I love the farm where Super D rides horses. So many animals! Si-Guy and I took a walk outside to pet the horses in the paddock and when he took off running across the field, his shoe got stuck in mud and he ran out of it. Yep, lots of drama with him hopping around on one foot and screaming that his sock was wet and muddy!

That’s all for today! I will be back on Monday with some really exciting running news for me!

What’s for dinner at your house this week?



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  1. pglooney

    Looks like a great week of meals! Those animals are adorable! I have 2bunnies but they won’t eat celery 🤔 I’m having pork all week, I got 1pound pork tenderloins for $2 each! I bought a lot


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