Slow cooker chicken that makes 5 different dishes and a sprint work-out!

Yesterday was a good day! After a long night of checking on Si-Guy and his fever every 2 hours, his fever broke for good and he feels great! He stayed home from school yesterday to get his energy back and it’s a good thing because look what happened during breakfast:


Top tooth is gone and the one beside it is loose. Too cute. He won’t be eating whole apples for a while.

Heart shaped corn flake! She saved it for her last bite.


The weather people were right and we had sunshine and 60 degree weather!


Maybe a little dramatic? After a long NY winter (that is nowhere near over), I was thankful for sunshine and an outdoor work-out. I did my prison-yard/made-up HIIT work-out for 25 minutes.

4 sets/10 reps of hammer curls

4 sets/10 reps of medicine ball overhead press

4 sets/10 reps bicep curls

3 sets/12 reps of bent over rows

2 sets/30 reps of mountain climbers

3 sets/10 reps of planks with leg lifts

3 sets/10 reps of squats

Mixed in 5 sprints


Great for a challenging core work-out.

IMG_2121 (2).JPG

Every runner needs strong glutes….. I hate squats. It was so nice to be outside and I wanted to run for miles and miles, but I will take what I can get!


I actually listened to music yesterday. It’s probably been 2 months since I listened to music while I ran because I have been doing all of my running on the treadmill in the cardio cinema room at the gym. It was nice to have music and to pick some great songs for my sprints (Kelly Clarkson – “Love so Soft” and Korn – “Freak on a Leash”). I am feeling the sprints and the overhead presses today!

Onto the chicken! I use this recipe when I make pulled pork sandwiches in the slow cooker. It is so good! I have now modified the recipe for cooking chicken breasts in the slow cooker so I can have prepared cooked chicken in a variety of ways. Here is my modified version:

slow cooker chicken

I use very subtle seasoning so that the chicken is versatile and can be prepared numerous ways. Here are 5 different ideas to prepare the chicken:

new crock pot chicken.jpg

Once the chicken is cooked, I slice/shred the meat and portion it out into 3 different bowls. I typically will use 3 pounds of chicken, 3 different ways and I season the meat to be eaten that night, the next day, and I freeze one batch. Here is how to season the chicken all 5 ways listed above.

Buffalo chicken: While the meat is still warm, mix in bottled Buffalo/Hot wing sauce.

Italian chicken: Drizzle a small amount of olive oil over the chicken and a pinch of dried Italian herbs.

BBQ chicken: While the meat is still warm, mix in BBQ sauce.

Salsa chicken: While the meat is still warm, mix in just enough salsa to coat the meat.

Enchiladas: While the meat is still warm, mix in just enough enchilada sauce to coat the meat. Any leftover sauce can be frozen and thawed for later use.

Seasoning the chicken while warm absorbs the most flavor and saves time later on when you make your meal. I also find that freezing the chicken with a sauce makes for a better thawed meal. It’s so easy to thaw out cooked and seasoned chicken and just add fresh ingredients. I made this chicken last night and we ate it as BBQ chicken and today, I am having the Buffalo chicken wrap for lunch. I froze the salsa chicken for next month for a quick taco night. I hope you try out some of these easy meals!

I’m off to enjoy the nice weather we have today and get some mom stuff done!

What’s your favorite chicken dish?



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