When life gives you onions… make French Onion soup!

Hey Everyone! It has been an eventful 24 hours or so. Yesterday, when we sat down for lunch, Si-Guy left the table to put his winter coat and hood on and then came back to eat. Uh-oh. He said he was freezing and his throat hurt. Off to the Urgent Care we go! When we left the house he felt only slightly warm and I didn’t take his temperature. After waiting for 2 hours at the Urgent Care (not complaining about the wait, there are so many sick people now) his temperature was 103! The wait was hard on him and with a temperature that high I can totally see why.


He is being treated for strep and he is already starting to feel a little better, but it was a brutal night and early morning trying to manage his temperature. This is Si-Guy feeling better and giving me his “Cute” face:


Don’t worry – I won’t go on and on about illness in our house, but this is just very unusual for us. The kids rarely get sick and now he has been hit twice in 2 weeks. So, as you can imagine, no run for me yesterday or today. I am keeping him home from school tomorrow as well. I suspect he will be feeling like a million bucks by morning, but I don’t want to push him and he is still dealing with a low-grade fever.

The weather is actually supposed to be really warm tomorrow here in NY — 64 degrees?! Random warm front coming in for just a couple of days. If he is feeling well then I will do one of my prison yard work-outs in the driveway while he rests or have him sit outside and soak up some vitamin D! I hope it works out because I could use some sprint work in front of the house and some weight training.

Since I was up early, I decided to make French Onion soup. I needed comfort food and I never got around to making it last week. Life truly gave me onions. I got a free bag as part of a meal deal from my grocery store. I stored them and they were still good. I slightly altered this recipe from Gimme some Oven. I did not have any thyme or wine. I normally use red wine for French onion soup, but I had to skip it and it turned out great.

french onion soup

I made a smaller batch since the kiddos will never touch French Onion soup. This is how I made it with some minor changes:

french onion soup recipe.jpg

It was tasty and I have plenty left for tomorrow…. or later tonight. I always forget how easy it is to make French Onion soup. The onions take time, but I just cleaned up the kitchen while they cooked and I gave them a stir every few minutes.

Fingers crossed that Si-Guy feels better overnight. Happy Monday!

What is your comfort food?

Anyone else freak out when kids have fevers? I set my alarm to wake up throughout the night and check on them and it has paid off over the years!




2 thoughts on “When life gives you onions… make French Onion soup!”

    1. Hi! This time I used all yellow onions, but I have used a combination of white and yellow which is really good. The soup was even better the next day for lunch. So easy to use ingredients you have around the house. I didn’t have any French bread so I toasted whole wheat sandwich bread without any butter or oil, broke it up into large chunks and placed it into the soup and topped it with Swiss cheese. Tasty!


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