Zumba and running just go together!

It’s Friday! What, what?! I’m just excited for the weekend because I think the kiddos need a break from school. They are starting to hit that mid-year slump and it doesn’t help that they can’t burn all of their energy outside yet. Spring is near though!

I had an amazing Zumba class today. I really do think Zumba and running compliment each other so well. I love the low impact work-out I get in Zumba and it helps my hips so much!! The tightness improves when I stick with Zumba once a week. Gold’s Gym in Lagrange has the best Zumba instructor, Traci! She is so fun and silly. You need a little silly when you try some moves that you know make you look so uncoordinated! She is very upbeat with a great energy level. I have had a lot of good Zumba instructors over the years and I have to say she is the best at introducing new moves and breaking down more complicated moves. She doesn’t go too fast and she never misses the beat…. not sure how she does that, but I guess that’s why she is the instructor! She was kind enough to take a picture with me after the class!


Yep, she looks cute and I am trying to see through the sweat! Thanks, Traci for an awesome class. See you next week!

Even if Zumba is not your thing, I really believe hour-long fitness classes are a great way to cross train. Also, if you are looking to increase your running mileage, an hour long class is a way to help your body get used to being up and moving for longer periods of time. When I used to only run for about 20 minutes and weight train, I found that my feet would be sore when I started working out for longer periods of time. I didn’t have pain and my leg muscles held up, but my feet felt tired. Once I started doing classes, combined with running longer distances, I didn’t get tired feet. Zumba and BodyCombat help me work on my endurance without even thinking about it and my running has benefited a great deal. After today’s class, I was feeling so good that I did a really quick 1 mile speed work out. I was warmed-up and my hips felt great so I hit the treadmill for 1 mile at 7.2 mph and finished up with a 1/4 mile cool down. I don’t normally run after a class, but I was itching to feel a little bit of speed in my running after my last couple of slow runs. 1 mile was perfect!


“Reflect change”. So simple. I don’t look at this picture and just see my red face and mess of hair. I see someone who just worked really hard to reflect change and accomplish physical goals I never thought were possible at 37 years old.

This on the other hand is still someone who doesn’t know where to look when taking a picture! 🙂


I knew I was going to be starving and the fridge is a little empty right now so I called in a salad order to a nearby restaurant while I was still in the locker room. My hunger waits for no one!


That was only half of the salad. I ate the whole thing. Half the salad with Balsamic dressing and the other half with creamy Bleu cheese dressing. I never know what I want so I just don’t choose. I like to simplify my life whenever possible.

Enjoy the weekend. I think we will be a little busy, but I will be working on the upcoming meal plan and sharing that over the weekend.

Does anyone else use more than one dressing on a salad? No? Yeah, it’s probably just me.





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