Running feels so good….pull-ups do not!


I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! The four of us had a fun day. The kiddos had so much fun at their class parties and came home with a ton of treats! We are still dealing with Christmas candy and it just keeps adding up. I was happy to have my favorite dinner …. crab legs! They can be hard to find sometimes and I ended up paying a lot per pound, but it was so worth it for my favorite meal! The kiddos had tacos. They have no idea what they are missing. Super D loves to crack the claws, but she has no interest in eating crab. More for us! 🙂

Dan got all fancy this year and gave me these beautiful earrings!


They even have cute peek-a -boo rubies on the inside edge. My birthstone!


I don’t wear earrings a lot, but I love these! So pretty and unlike anything else I have.

I knew I was going to have a good day and a good run when the Beastie Boys played in the car on the way to the gym. I was pumped and ready to go. I decided to get back to working on my pull-ups. As it turns out, it really does not help your pull-ups when you haven’t lifted in almost 2 weeks.  I am feeling almost 100% so I was willing to give it a try.  I needed 10 more pounds of assistance today than before I got sick, but we all have to start somewhere. I will post a second progress report soon. I’m not expecting a lot of gains yet, but it’s great to track my effort. After pull-ups and some ab work, I went for a short run. The run felt really good! I still took it easy so after a 5 minute warm-up, I ran an easy 1.25 miles, walked for a 1/4 mile, ran for 1 mile and cooled down for a 1/2 mile. I kept it at an average pace of 6.0 mph and threw in some low inclines. I’m thinking Saturday will be my day to get in a 3 mile run at my normal speed. I’m taking a break from running tomorrow and will go to Zumba.

I was going through my pictures and found these from last week when I wasn’t quite ready to eat full meals:


I might be the only person that goes to Dunkin’ Donuts for tea and bagels instead of coffee and donuts. I am not a donut fan.

I just wanted carbs and salad?



I’m happy to report I am back to eating balanced meals. I hope your week is going well!

Bagels or donuts?



2 thoughts on “Running feels so good….pull-ups do not!”

  1. Love that you do crab legs for Valentine’s Day :). The kids were disappointed we didn’t this year, but we did steak with crab meat on top!


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