It’s February – don’t lose your motivation and tell the naysayers to, “mind ya business”


Hey everyone! It’s so hard to believe that it is mid-February already. I spent the last week while I was sick thinking a lot about motivation and personal goals. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I know a lot of people do and they try their best to stick with them. One of the things that I think sucks for people who make a sincere effort to make changes in their lives at the start of a new year is that there are so many naysayers! Here’s what I have to say to them:

fresh prince.gif

Oh my goodness, I loved this episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! WORD.  Some people get the advice, “just learn to say no”. My advice is learn to say, “mind ya business”!

For many people, their New Year’s resolution is fitness related and maybe you joined a gym or started going back to the gym after months away and you always hear those comments about how “crowded” the gym is in January or “you won’t see those people back in February“. Mind ya business! Don’t let those negative comments keep you from trying your best. Maybe you have a lost a little momentum, but it isn’t gone for good. You can get back on your track.

Here are a few practical pointers that work for me from past experience:

try another day

Once you replace the counter productive behavior, like looking at old photos and longing for those days or obsessing over what you didn’t do, you have a lot more room in your mind to make a plan and the small steps are a lot easier.

I really do believe in the last statement above, JUST START! This is the one that helps me the most. Sometimes, we look to devise some great training program where we lay out nutrition guidelines for a whole month (I mean, come on), read every work-out plan, read every latest fitness article, look at every latest fitness trend and at the end of the day, we are overwhelmed! If we just get out of the house and go then the planning and details can come later. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe in having a plan and I’m at a point now where I plan the types of runs I will do throughout the week to meet a specific goal. When we first start though, the key is just to move and get used to getting out and sweating. I promise, after a few weeks of moving, you will want to plan more and you will have a better handle on your current fitness level that will help you devise a plan that makes sense.

I had over a week off from running or any kind of activity while I was sick. A couple of years ago, a week off from illness would have been the start of a few months off of any form of exercise. I would just throw my hands up and feel defeated. It happens so easily. So, I have been through this cycle a time or two and I get it. I mentioned before that the consistency I have been able to maintain over the past couple of years has made it easier for me to not freak out over missing work-outs, being sick, traveling, etc. It takes a while to build up to a consistent activity level, but once you do, the stress of taking time off is far less worrisome.

I made it to the gym today. I made sure to have at least 2 full days of feeling well and eating somewhat normally. My plan was just to get out and do very light lifting for 10 minutes and walk on the treadmill. So that’s what I did. 2.75 miles with very little incline. I’m so glad I went and really happy that I took it easy. 10 days ago I ran 4.5 miles like no big deal, but today, 2.75 miles of walking was almost as much of a challenge. The flu definitely causes extreme fatigue so I am not pushing it. It felt good to move and I will take it easy until I can start running again.

I knew I was ok to go walking after my lunch yesterday:


Yes, that is a massive raw jalepeno on my Five Guys burger. Sweat it out! I needed some calories! I was feeling good and ready to get out of the house that I even managed to get dressed.


And Drive!


I’m happy to be feeling better!

So, for everyone out there trying to stick with a new fitness plan, eating plan, or whatever you think you need to work on ….. keep at it! It doesn’t matter what month of the year it is, you can reach your goals in your own time and you will once you block out self-imposed negative thoughts and you block out the naysayer nonsense. 🙂


What goals are you struggling with now?

Do you have an “all or nothing” attitude towards making changes? I used to!




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