Down with the sickness!


That’s right, I have been down with sickness for the past 5 days which is why I haven’t posted anything. Also, I do love the band, Disturbed and the song, “Down with the sickness”. The opening lyrics just about sums up how I felt at the onset of my sickness:

“Do you feel that”? 

“Oh Sh!t.”

That is one of the best speed work songs ever. I am into metal, but not super hard core. I also listen to Broadway show tunes so my taste in music is a little confusing.

I got the flu. It sucks, don’t get it. I haven’t had the flu since I was a kid, but this has been the worst. On top of the flu,  both Si-Guy and Super D got a terrible stomach virus a few days a part from each other. It has been so much fun at our house!! Poor kiddos were so sick. I’m just thankful they had a stomach virus instead of the flu because it is fast and furious and they were on the mend much sooner than I expected.

So pitiful.


On the first day of being sick, Dan was home and the kiddos were fine so I stayed in bed all day and my faithful companion never left the room:


Dexter seriously stayed in the dark room with me all day. I had to make myself get out of bed so he would go to the bathroom and drink water. He won’t quit me!

This was pretty much what I wore for the past week:


The kids like to pick out my pajama pants so I end up with some interesting patterns, but they are so comfy! I’m excited to put on some real clothes today.

Of course no one likes to be sick, but I seriously get mad about being sick. I am always so full of energy and I have a hard time accepting that I have to take it easy and I feel a little guilty. On top of that, I get mad that I can’t run. I finally got over it, but I know a lot of you understand that feeling. I was hitting some great runs lately and I wanted to keep up the momentum. A week off is not terrible and I know I am more fortunate than others hit by illness so I’m leaving the complaining behind! Instead, I started looking into upcoming Spring races to get me excited.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know I am still here! Now I am off to shower and look like a human again. Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Down with the sickness!”

    1. Thanks, Catherine! Yes, I was ready to climb the walls and now the kids are going bonkers! We are getting out of the house today for a little while, but I hope to be able to get in an easy walk and work out tomorrow if I am feeling up to it.


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