What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner? Week of 2/5/18

The meal plan is late this week. Better late than never! I had a busy weekend and planned on posting it first thing this morning, but I woke up feeling so sick. I wasn’t feeling great last night, but I woke up in the middle of the night with body aches and spent most of the day in bed…. coughing, snoozing, and overall being pitiful. I am very thankful Dan had today off and took care of the kiddos! I’m still feeling pretty terrible, but better than earlier. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. So, here is this week’s meal plan.

meal plan feb 5

The meal plan got some adjustments because I wasn’t feeling well. Tonight, we ended up pulling out some amazing marinara sauce with Italian sausage that I froze from a couple of weeks ago. It always helps to have something in the freezer to cook up when you are crunched for time or life plans change. This is another reason I typically meal plan for 5 solid dinners. I allow for the unexpected and I am prepared for it by having a freezer meal, left overs, or simple sandwich and soup night. I will just shift the 5 meals I planned and shopped for over the weekend and nothing will go to waste or go bad before it can be used.

In addition to the dinner meals, I have some lunch items planned as well that include couscous salad and French onion soup. I bought the meat for the pot roast we are having this week with a great deal at my local grocery store. For buying one, 3-4 pound roast, I received a full bag of potatoes, onions, and carrots for FREE. So, I plan my meals around my savings. I can not go through a whole bag of onions before they go bad so while I will use some of them for cooking, the rest will be used for French onion soup. One of my favorites! The same week I got the great deal on the pot roast, I got a great deal on strawberries – buy one, get one free. I got 4 containers of strawberries for less than $8. We can’t eat all of them fresh so I kept one for snacking and washed and froze the rest for our smoothies. What a deal!


This was only half of the strawberries! I will write more about some great savings tips I have picked up on lately, but with very little effort, we have been saving more money and wasting less food.

I hope to be back running in a couple of days and well enough to make some of these great dinners I planned!  Have a great week!


Do you have any tips to share on saving money for your food budget?


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