I finished the week with a strong run and a quick trip to NYC!

Another good week over here! I had some good short runs and strength training earlier in the week and I finished up with 4.5 miles on Friday. I feel like I have been hovering around the 3-4  mile distance for a while because of time and focusing more on strength training so I wanted to go a little further on Friday.

Headed to the gym:


I did some ab work and headed up to watch Rocky IV and run. I ran 4.5 miles at about an average 6.2 mph and the last .35 was a walking cool down. A few months ago, the thought of running more than 3.5 miles didn’t sound likely and I think it’s because I was getting so used to stopping at 3 miles and not pushing myself a little harder. I have been strong and consistent with running so running 4-5 miles is reasonable, but I had a little bit of a mental block. Sometimes you just need to believe you can do it and then actually do it! Maybe your mental block is attempting to run a 1/4 mile, but if you are out and walking consistently or throwing in a few seconds of running, then you can do it. If your mental block is trying to walk more than a mile at a time, know you can build up to it and do it. Take it slow and listen to your body. You will know if you are pushing too hard, but you won’t know how to push yourself at all unless you try.


Earlier in the week, I spent a few hours volunteering at Super D’s school for the annual book fair and I got to meet some friends for drinks and snacks Thursday night. I used to work with them and it’s not often we get together so it was fun to see them. For local readers, Paula’s Public House is a great place for drinks and food!

For someone that doesn’t get out often, I also made it to NYC on Saturday to meet my cousin for the day. Going out 2 days in one week….. I’m pretty wild! She is pregnant with her first baby and I am so excited! It was so good to see her and catch up.

My girl!


I decided to drive into the city instead of taking the train since it was Saturday and I lucked out because the traffic wasn’t bad at all. Look, I grew up learning how to drive in the DC metro area so I can hold my own driving through Times Square in NYC. Honk your horn at me, I have one that works too! Although, the big delivery truck trying to move me out of the way wasn’t picking up what I was putting down so I let him by. Big trucks win. Once I got there, I was starving and ready to eat! It seems to be all about the food! We found a great place a block away from the hotel. We split a veggie wrap and a braised short rib grilled cheese sandwich. So good and picture worthy, but they had that whole cool vibe, dim lighting thing going on so hard to capture it.


We spent the next several hours just hanging out in the hotel talking and catching up. It’s hard when you live so far away from the important people in your life. I am so grateful for the chance to get together and the cold, windy day didn’t bother me because it meant we could just stay in and talk. It’s what we do best!

Now, it’s on to meal planning for the week which I will be sharing tomorrow. It will be a day later than normal, but I figure everyone is busy eating Super Bowl party food anyway! We will be watching the Puppy Bowl. 🙂

Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl?

Have a favorite party dip recipe you want to share?



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