Get ya some! Pork chops with homemade pan gravy recipe


Oh my goodness, I am excited about two things:

  1. I finally got it together to insert printable recipes in my posts (I told you, I’m kind of new to this thing!)
  2. I created an amazing dish last night…. because I forgot to start my dinner in the slow cooker earlier in the day (I was buried under a mountain of laundry)

I’m not a huge pork chop fan, but Super D and Dan like it so I try to make it occasionally. BUT this recipe from last night was so good!

Blog recipe plug in.png

Printable recipe: Pork Chops with homemade gravy Like it, share it, print it, Pin it or none of the above as long as you EAT it! 🙂

Disclaimer: the dinner was enjoyed by 3 out of the 4 family members. Si-Guy was NOT happy about it, but this is the kid that really only likes meatballs, PB&J and fruit. So….

The Good Seasons Italian mix was the secret ingredient. The extra seasoning mix can be saved for another time or use it to make the dressing and have an awesome side salad. For anybody that has never bought the seasoning, you will find it in the dressing aisle in a paper packet near the Ranch seasoning packets.

I will be making this again soon with chicken. If you are in the mood for steak and it’s too cold where you live to grill, try the recipe it in a cast iron skillet and substitute beef broth for the chicken broth.

I tried to get some good photos, but the lighting wasn’t great and I caught a lot of reflection. Time to work on my light situation.

Yesterday was a rest day for me, but I was back at it today working on my pull-ups (Progress report: Personal Pull-Up Challenge. Bring it!) and I had a great modified/abbreviated tempo run. I’m still keeping my tempo runs at about 1 mile for now and I will increase by a 1/2 mile at a time. I started with a 5 minute walking warm-up, restarted the treadmill and completed 3 miles and the last .29 was a walking cool-down.

tempo run jan 31.png


I actually ran in the main part of the gym today instead of the cardio cinema room. I started wondering the other day if too much distracted running (awesome movies) was going to impact my mental game when I start running longer distances so today I ran with just my thoughts. Well, my thoughts and the hilarious conversation between the 2 guys next to me on the treadmill. I felt really focused on my breathing and form. I have a bad habit of pulling my shoulders up and tensing when I run so without distractions, I focused more on relaxing my shoulders and proper arm swing.

I left the gym feeling awesome and headed to the store to pick up some fruit and this:

IMG_1973 (2).JPG

Lunch time. I was hungry. Italian sub with everything on it and a side of pesto pasta salad. I destroyed the sandwich, but managed to save some of the pasta for tomorrow. I try to limit buying lunch to once a week so I better make it count!


Any favorite pork chop recipes you want to share?

If you live somewhere warm or even warmish and can run outside, please tell me!  I want to hear about it! I can’t handle running outside when it is 15-20 degrees in the morning.







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