Pull-ups are a kick in the face


Yes, a kick in the face and I am not even doing actual pull-ups yet! 🙂 On Monday, I started on the assisted pull-up machine and now my arms want to rest for a week! I did 3 sets of lat pull downs with light weights to warm up and then 3 sets of 5 pulls-ups on the assisted machine. It’s going to be a long road to that first unassisted pull-up, but I welcome the challenge.

After my “pull-ups”, I headed to the treadmill for an interval work-out. I’m not sure about all of you, but when I do interval work-outs, I usually do it by minutes rather than distance. Typically, I will alternate walking and running every 2-3 minutes or easy running pace and hard running pace every 2-3 minutes. This time I decided to do my interval run by distance. It was a good run and a way to change it up even just a little bit.

5 minute walking warm-up

1 mile running warm-up at 5.8-6.1 mph

1/4 mile run at 6.6 mph

1/4 mile walk at 3.8 mph, 4% incline

1/4 mile run at 6.8 mph

1/4 mile walk at 3.8 mph, 5% incline

repeated intervals for another mile

1/2 mile running and walking cool down

I wasn’t looking to go fast or long with the work-out so an interval walk/run was just right.

A few day ago I shared my “Philly Wets” steak sandwich recipe I came up with the simple recipe by combining ideas from a few different recipes I found years ago. As I mentioned, I often freeze the left over steak and use it to make burritos or quesadillas. Last night was quesadilla night! I love how easy it is to have the main ingredient already cooked – not only does it save me time, but I am not wasting food! I fill my quesadillas with cheese, shredded steak and roasted poblano peppers.

They sure don’t look pretty when they are roasted:


After covering the bowl with plastic wrap and letting the peppers steam for about 15 minutes, I remove the charred skin and slice them.


Now they go into the tortillas!


Not a great picture, but I was hungry and in a rush to eat! I dip mine in chipotle sour cream and it is a great combination!

In other food news, this was Si-Guy’s lunch the other day:


He is going through a massive growth spurt and eating like crazy. When I asked if he wanted PB&J for lunch or grilled cheese, he asked me for : 1 PB&J, 1 grilled cheese, a bowl of tomato soup and a clementine. The boy knows how to order up lunch.

When Dan gets up at 4am for work….. I’m a sight to be seen!


I normally sleep right through his really early alarms, but today I had a hard time going back to bed so that explains the crazy hair and glasses with massive spots on them that I didn’t notice….right in my field of vision. I can’t really complain because I got to stay in the warm bed until a decent hour and Dan was out in the cold!

I’m off to go get myself cleaned up! 🙂

Are your interval work-outs based on time or distance?

Favorite quesadilla filling? Whatever it is, it will be good with chipotle sour cream! My favorite is veggie – spinach, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese.



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