Snow day means sharing a crock pot recipe!

We had a snow day yesterday which means dinner goes into the crock pot in the morning so I have time to shovel and bundle the kids up for sledding (that task alone takes a good 20 minutes.) We got about 6-7 inches and the view of our yard is always so beautiful…..


This Southern girl still can’t believe we actually have to use the snow blower to make a path for Dexter to go to the bathroom!


It’s a good thing he loves the snow. It’s probably the only time he is not too hot with all of that fur. I was so not in the mood to shovel the back deck and walkway, but I figured this was good cross training and an upper body work-out! 🙂 Whatever it takes to get the job done.

Crock pot dinners really are the best on snow days. The last thing I want to do after shoveling in the cold is stand in the kitchen and cook. Since I had dinner already going, Dan and I got to enjoy a cup of coffee and play a game of Scrabble instead (I won!). Just sayin’.

Dan gets credit for naming my recipe, we call it “Philly Wets”. It is a cross between a Philly cheesesteak sandwich and a French dip sandwich.


3-4lb chuck roast

1 can French onion soup

1 can beef broth

1 can beef consomme

1 cup of water

1 tablespoon minced garlic

Place all ingredients in the slow cooker and cook on low for 7-8 hours.

I love this recipe because there is no need to sear the meat before placing it in the slow cooker. Once the meat is cooked, shred it and serve it on a toasted sub roll with a side of the strained cooking juices. I like to top my sandwich with sautéed peppers, onions and cheese. I normally use Provolone cheese, but I was out of it so I used American. This is also a great dish if you are having people over for a party or get together. It’s quick and easy to assemble several sandwiches at once. Just cut the subs into quarters and serve on a large platter.

This is a time-saving  and money-saving recipe. The left over meat is awesome in quesadillas or as the filling in a burrito combined with lettuce, tomato, onion and salsa. If we don’t eat the left over meat for lunch the next day, I freeze it and use it later. The meat freezes well and I feel better about not eating too much red meat in one week. I got our chuck roast for just under $18. All other ingredients brought my total cost to $25 which provided a meal for 4 people and left overs to provide the protein for another meal for 4 people.  I like this kind of math.

Someone else approves of this recipe:

This is the first time Si-Guy has eaten a Philly Wet as a sandwich! Normally he eats the meat by itself, but now he has his own sandwich minus the peppers and onions.

My arms are a little sore today from shoveling so I’m looking forward to a nice easy run in a little while. After my tempo run the other day, I’m thinking 3.5-4.5 miles at an easy pace.

Before I head out, I had to share this picture I took while writing this post.


This was taken from my window in front of my desk. Beautiful!

Did you get a bunch of snow where you live or can you actually go and run outside today?!


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