First tempo run of the year!

I have been wanting to incorporate more tempo runs and today was the start. For those new to running or for those who aren’t familiar with tempo runs, here is an article that breaks it down. On a very basic level, it is running at a comfortably hard pace (not speed work pace) that can be sustained for a certain number of miles which is determined by your running level. I’m still building up mileage so I did a modified/abbreviated version of a tempo run to slowly get back into this type of running and to give myself confidence that I am not pushing too hard, too soon. Also, I was a little crunched for time.

I started with a small amount of strength training where I focused on chest and shoulders. From there, I did my usual 5 minute walking warm-up and the rest of my run looked like this:

1/2 mile running warm up at a 5.8- 6.0 mph pace.

1.25 mile run at 7.1 mph pace

1/2 mile at 6.5 mph pace

1/2 mile at 6.0 mph pace

1/2 mile walking cool down

This run was short, sweet and just what I needed. As I build my mileage and distance, I will start hitting 3 mile tempo runs, but for now, working around a mile tempo pace feels right. The tempo run is great because you know you will be working hard for a short amount of time, but not as hard as speed work. Last year, I incorporated a lot of outdoor tempo runs and I saw a tremendous improvement in my speed after about one month.

Winter in NY means a lot of treadmill running. It’s a good thing that I love the treadmill! Nothing beats outdoor running, but I run on the treadmill in the Spring and Summer too when I feel like I need to give my skin a break from the sun. reached out to me to help spread the word on a recent report they published of the best treadmills on the market. You can read about it here. I liked that they did testing and comparison with both walkers and runners in mind. Everyone has different needs and they present a lot of options in a variety of price ranges. Not everything is super high dollar! So, if you are looking for a treadmill for your home, this is a great read that will also give you ideas of what questions to ask or what features to look for before you buy.

After my run, I showered and got ready for a date with the kiddos. Super D took the picture and her skills are improving!


In case you are wondering what Si-Guy is holding….. here is a closer look.


He is obsessed with Pokémon! Thanks to the Christmas money Grandpa sent him, he was able to buy this Pokémon lunch tin which had 53 cards, a note pad, stickers, and pencils. He has been carrying it around everywhere!

The kiddos did not have school yesterday and we originally planned for a girls’ day for me and Super D and a “dude day” for Si-Guy and Dan. Dan needed to head to work earlier than expected so Si-Guy joined us in the fun. We went out to lunch where I devoured a cheesesteak sandwich and a side salad. So good! From there, Super D had her horseback riding lesson. She is awesome! I couldn’t get a good picture of her because the lighting in the indoor ring isn’t great. I can not wait for her to experience Spring time horseback riding and not have frozen toes or have to wear 500 layers of clothes to ride. Si-Guy and I waited in the heated, interior viewing room because it is crazy cold. This is his rock star impression with a side of horse rump in the background!


After having a massive cheesesteak for lunch, I wasn’t super hungry for dinner so my meal went something like this:


That’s my homemade hummus and I will share my recipe soon. I’m waiting on my sister’s feedback because she will be making this for the first time this week.

Do you enjoy tempo runs?

Do you own a treadmill? Which one do you have?



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