How I accidentally ran with total focus…


How? This is how….


My plan yesterday was to go in for an easy long run since I won’t be running until after Christmas. Dan took the kiddos shopping and there was no rush for me to be back home at a certain time so I wanted to take advantage of watching a Christmas movie in the cardio cinema room and have a long run. Not everything goes as planned! I’m not sure if the projector is broken, but I hope it is fixed soon.

So, I headed out to the main part of the gym to run and I didn’t have my headphones with me. I stopped whining to myself and thought this was a great opportunity to get in some speed work. I was right. I had an awesome run and I was absolutely focused on my form, breathing, and hitting the speed levels I wanted to reach. I started with a five minute walking warm-up and then restarted the treadmill. From there, I did a 1/2 mile running warm-up and then did 2 1/4 miles of speed work running 1 minute at a speed ranging from 7.0mph-8.0mph, followed by 2 minutes at a 6.1mph pace. It was a hard run for me, but it felt like the good kind of hard. I don’t do all out sprints on the treadmill because that is a little too much adjusting on the controls for me so 1 minute increments is just right. I finished up with a 1/4 mile walking cool down.


Not too bad of a time since it includes my warm-up and cool down. During the last mile some guy gets on the treadmill near me and was blasting music from his phone….who does that? I feel your pain if you forget your headphones, but suck it up! I do not want to listen to your crappy techno music. Tis the season to be jolly! 🙂

The main part of the gym feels about 10 degrees hotter to me than the cinema room. See?


Sweat on my eyelashes?? I was ready to head home for a shower!


Proof that I don’t have a closet full of super cute work-out clothes. Hard to tell in the picture, but those pants are actually a pair of Dan’s old pajama pants that I put on over my running shorts and I have to roll the waistband so I don’t trip. They have wide legs so I can slip them on over my shoes. I’m too lazy to take my shoes on and off when I get to the gym.

Speed work makes me hungry!

IMG_1825 (2).JPG

Last night we went to go see amazing Christmas lights and went out to dinner. I was bummed because the place we wanted to eat at was booked, but we tried a new Italian restaurant and it was so good. Si-Guy approved as he devoured his entire plate of spaghetti and meatballs! I went with a mixed greens salad and eggplant rollatini. I cannot get enough of eggplant. It was nice to have a break from cooking since we will be doing lots of cooking today and tomorrow.

Dan and I finished up all of the present wrapping last night! Unbelievable. This is definitely a first and I’m excited to have a relaxing night tonight watching A Christmas Story instead of running around like a lunatic for last minute things.

The kids are so excited for Christmas. I can tell because they now speak at a level no human should have to hear all day long. I think my ears have stopped ringing. With all of the intensity there are always sweet moments:


They are making an elf trap with candy canes as the bait under the box!

Merry Christmas and I’ll be back on Tuesday!

Do you like speed work on the treadmill?

Am I wrong for thinking it was rude for the guy to play his music at the gym without headphones? 



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