What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner? Christmas edition

Look how close it is to Christmas!!


IMG_1804 (2)
I love our advent calendar. I got this one three years ago and the kids love it. I used to get the chocolate calendars, but I really wanted something we could use year after year. It is a Melissa and Doug calendar with magnetic ornaments and a star to put at the top of the tree on Christmas morning. The kids alternate days and always fight over who gets to do the first ornament. $15 you can’t beat that!
After my stuff and things I had to do this morning, I got started on some present wrapping. I’m definitely not going out in these pants!
I could wear these as safety/reflective running pants with all of that neon! Si-Guy gave them to me last year for Christmas so of course I love them. I really enjoy wrapping presents when I start early. The past two years were miserable because we waited until Christmas Eve to start and forgot where we even hid a lot of gifts. Not fun!
My Christmas meal grocery shopping is complete! The kids reminded me about 10 times to not forget the cranberry sauce. It is not a special meal unless there is cranberry sauce….we even have it with Easter dinner. They crack me up.
As for snacking during the day, I am going simple with a veggie tray, cheese ball and crackers, deviled eggs, and clam dip. Yes, clam dip. It is a cold dip for dipping chips. While it may sound strange, it is really good. This is another dish I have my dad to thank for! I love seafood, but I am not a fan of clams unless it is in this dip. I use the recipe on the back of the can. I do use slightly less than the whole can of clams.
IMG_1809 (2)
IMG_1810 (2)
As for the main course, here is what we are having:
Spiral ham
Scalloped potatoes
Green bean casserole
Cornbread stuffing
Cranberry sauce
Stuffed mushrooms with spinach and parmesan
Dinner rolls
Chocolate pie for dessert
It is just the four of us for Christmas dinner so we aren’t going overboard and I don’t want to spend too much time cooking that day when I just want to enjoy it!
Good luck to all of you that still need to brave the grocery store over the weekend. People are straight up crazy.
Have you completed your Christmas menu?
For those going somewhere for dinner to be with family/friends, what dish are you taking?

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