Kids bounce back quickly


Yesterday was a sick day for Super D. She came into our room at 5:30am and said her stomach hurt. I went to her room to lay down with her and about 20 minutes later, she got sick all over her bedroom floor. I knew I should have grabbed the trash can on my way to her room. Sick day! Dan slept through the whole thing. I’m not sure how does that. She got sick a few more times and then hung out on her couch bed for most of the day. A stomach bug has been going around the school, but this is a quick one. She was so much better by the afternoon. We spent the afternoon reading and playing Monopoly Junior (she crushed me). She also asked for me to put make-up on her for dress up. This is a very unusual request for her because she isn’t into dresses, princesses, make-up,etc. She had fun letting me try out the stuff and here she is with two different eye shadow colors:


I’m so glad she was feeling better and she was back to school today.

It has been bitter cold here so a perfect time for a fire!


Si-Guy has the best Christmas pajamas that ordered from Amazon. Something tells me he wasn’t in the mood to take a picture…..


Since Super D was home sick yesterday, I did my run today at the gym because there was more snow and ice in the morning and it was about 26 degrees. All day.

I started off with some weights and ab work. This is my attempt at a timer picture using the Bosu Ball. Not a flattering angle or lighting for that matter! 🙂


I love using the Bosu ball for planks with leg lifts. Just be sure to place your hands ON the flat side of the ball rather than grabbing the outer handles. You will feel your core much more engaged as you try to remain steady. I picked this move up when I went with Dan to OrangeTheory. I do a regular plank and also alternate leg lifts. You will feel the burn!

I headed to the cardio cinema room and damn it, someone else was in there with all of the lights off. I am getting better at running in the dark, but I’m still convinced I am going to trip and make a scene. The movie of the day – Home Alone 2! I love the Home Alone movies. While I typically prefer the action or sports inspired movies, it was a lot of fun. I ran three miles even at about a 9:10 pace and then cooled down with a jog and incline walking.


Today was the first time in a long time that I didn’t have a plan for my run. There are two reasons: my lunch was little too big today (I need to work on that) so I wasn’t sure how my run would feel and I wanted to see what movie was playing. I went back and forth between a 5 mile or 3 mile run. 3 miles won especially when I hit 3 miles and Dan texted me and asked for coffee on the way home. Sold! 3 miles and coffee.

Dan is out-of-town for the weekend so the kids will be joining me on Saturday or Sunday at the gym. I run and they get an awesome time playing basketball and rock wall climbing! I plan on doing a 5 mile easy run because next week I will start some tempo runs and speed work.

How do you plan your runs in the winter when you aren’t racing? 





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