Snow, Gingerbread houses, wine and running. Let’s talk about it all!


It happened, we got our first snow. We only had about three inches so sadly Dan didn’t get his day of battling a blizzard with the snow blower. I was happy to have just a few inches! Super D had a birthday party so Si-Guy went out to sled in the backyard.


Best hat ever! He was excited to sled because he could still walk around in the snow. He remembers the storm we had last winter when we got TWO feet in one day and he got stuck up to his hips in the snow. I had to pull him out and he declared in that moment that he hated snow and winter. Um….we live in NY so I’m glad he got over it.


No chance of losing the little dude in the snow with that neon! Yes, that is our backyard. A total winter wonderland with a great hill to sled.

After sledding, we picked up Super D from her party and headed to Olive Garden for the celebratory report card dinner. I ordered a lemon drop martini and I got a lemon drop shot. I was trying to enjoy a drink with dinner, not start dancing on tabletops! Don’t worry, it was exchanged for what I ordered. No sloppy mess over here.

On Sunday, we had three kids over to decorate gingerbread houses. I never decorated gingerbread houses when I was a kid and I started doing it last year. The mess is worth it! The kids love it and it’s a fun activity for them to do as a group. I’m pretty sure the girls used ALL of the candy. They loved the extra big lights I picked up at Target.


After about three hours with five kids in the house I was ready for this:


All kidding aside, they were super good. This wine was just calling my name. We had a  fun weekend and we are ready to get right back at it for the rest of the week.

I headed to the gym for my run because I’m not even going to try running around ice. This was the movie of the day :


It’s decided – I must learn Kung Fu…. or cage fighting. It’s really fun to run while watching crazy action movies. It’s even better to run while watching a movie that has a bad ass training montage. When I got to the cardio cinema room, the movie was almost done. No one else was in the room so I called down to have the movie re-started. It didn’t. I called again and the guy sounded pretty annoyed with me. Sorry bro, I’m not going to run to 20 minutes of credits! He was nice enough to start it for me. Another bonus of not having anyone else in the room was I got to turn on the lights. I mentioned before how I hate running in the dark room, but today….let there be light!


I did my usual warm-up of incline walking, re-started the treadmill and ran 4.1 miles at about a 9:10 average pace and then did a cool down jog and walk.


I really do like treadmill running even when my pace is slower than when I run outdoors. The treadmill always feels faster. The good thing is I can go for a couple of weeks running on the treadmill at a 9 minute pace and then run outdoors at my normal pace which is a little faster. No strength training today, just a run. I’m thinking next week I will roll into some tempo runs and increase strength training. I love tempo runs because I know what feels hard is short in duration. I like the balance of being challenged without the “all-out” exertion. Tempo runs give me the great runner’s high feeling in a small amount of time and it allows me to work on lifting and stretching more during the same amount of time I have carved out for the gym.

Finally a new running shirt! My head is at a really weird angle because I was trying to get Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie in my picture. My big head was in the way so it’s just Fleet Feet.


Apparently I have no idea where to look when taking a picture. I got this shirt with the bonus points I earned at Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie. If you spend $150, you get $15 back for an in store purchase. Awesome deal! What makes it even better is that you can have a joint account so Dan’s shoe purchase a few months ago got us really close to the $150 mark and after one of my purchases, we (I) earned the store credit. They have some killer deals right now for the holiday season.

I was starving and ready for lunch by the time I got home. I was beyond thrilled that I made my couscous salad last night.


One of Dan’s friends gave him the idea years ago and I make it all of the time. I use the Near East brand roasted garlic and olive oil couscous. Cook it according to the directions, let it cool, then add diced bell peppers, onion (I usually use red onion, but I had some extra green onion to use) a few splashes of Italian dressing and you are good to go. I normally top it with feta cheese, but I skipped it this time. I won’t the next time I make it. Feta is betta! The green and red is perfect for a light side dish for a holiday or office party.

And just to be real….. this was the rest of my lunch:


My fancy paper plate with PB&J and Cheetos. I’m all about balance. Fresh veggies and  powdered “cheese” in one meal.

An oversized lunch means an oversized sweater!


I was headed to Si-Guy’s school for reading buddy time in his class. I love it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Talk to you soon!

Are you a feta cheese fan? I know it’s a love it or hate it food.

Anyone else have a lot of snow over the weekend?


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