I fueled my run with Taco Bell….


That’s right I said it. Taco Bell. I’m so hardcore. Not really. Here is the breakdown by the numbers:

1 entire Mexican Pizza with beans only

2 crunchy tacos

12 packets of hot sauce

1 bottle of water

2 hours before my run

2 minutes into the run = total regret

You might be wondering what I was thinking. I know exactly what I was thinking. I was at the mall doing some Christmas shopping without kids and I must have been swept up in the moment and remembering my teenaged mall rat days of going to the food court for a shopping break. That and I was really hungry. As you can tell, I can put away some food and really it’s all about the hot sauce. Not the weird Fire sauce or Mild sauce, but straight up hot sauce. I’m sure Taco Bell seems like a weird choice for someone that loves Mexican food so much, but everyone gets the fast food/junk food craving. I seriously thought two hours beforehand would be fine, but I started my run and knew I had to change up my plan. I did an easy one mile and then turned it into interval training. After the first mile, I alternated between two minutes of incline walking at 7%, two minutes of running at 6.7mph, and 2 minutes of running at 6.0mph. I cycled through that until I hit 3.4 miles and I was done. Before the run, I was trying to buy some time to let my food settle so I went and did some ab work, but that didn’t go well either!


I’m pretty sure I was sweating hot sauce. I was feeling good once I hit three miles, but I had to get going to finish up errands and be home with the kiddos. Next time I have a Taco Bell craving, I will get it after my run. I got to do my run while watching Fred Claus in the cinema room. I have never seen it before and it may be the only Vince Vaughn movie I have never seen. I used to have the biggest crush on him! Movies and running is great especially when you need a little extra distraction to ignore your poor food choices!

I finally found some running tights that I like! I have never had luck with running tights and always prefer to run in shorts, but I found some basic compression tights on sale at Old Navy and I love them!


They are a high-rise fit that holds everything in without feeling stuffed into the tights and they don’t move at all while running. I like the basic style. I can’t be bothered with the mesh, extra strings, etc. It’s just too much for me and I’m sure I would rip through mesh! I love the look of the super cute tights though…. on other people. The scalloped trim on the bottom is about as fancy as I get it. Dan said that was the weird though…


I’m glad I went for my run… hot sauce and all. I decided to end my day with better food choices so it was baked BBQ chicken, potato casserole, and garden salad for dinner. Trying to get Si-Guy to eat chicken is still difficult, but he powers through and eats it. I never make the kids eat foods I know they hate, but we do push them to eat what I make for dinner even when it’s not their favorite. The food thing does not get easier after the toddler years!

This has been a busy week of volunteering at both schools, parent teacher conferences, and shopping for holiday donation gifts, upcoming birthday party gifts, and gifts to mail for out of state family. It has been the good kind of busy!

Have a good day!

What was your worst pre-run/work-out food choice?



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