Ain’t no mountain high enough!


For me, any mountain or hill is too high! I keep telling myself that hill running is really all in my head and yet, I feel it in my quads, butt, feet…. I held true to my word and ran/walked the huge hill in my neighborhood. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that much to other runners, but 145 feet elevation gain in less than a half mile is still difficult for me. The good news is that I have shaved more than 20 seconds off my pace since the last time I ran it!


I did a small loop in my neighborhood afterwards.


I felt really good after the second part of my run and I was really warmed up even though it was 36 degrees outside. I also had a jacket with pockets for my tissues this time so stopping to blow my nose wasn’t a huge spectacle on the side of the road for my neighbors driving by. I did some hammer curls, bent over rows, squats, leg lifts and then I headed out for another half mile with a few sprints thrown in. It’s funny how you can start a run feeling like you hate life (or hills) and then end it feeling like you are the strongest runner in the world. Once again, I’m never upset that I went for a run.

Finally a new breakfast for me:


I normally have a Greek yogurt and hard boiled egg, but this cereal looked good and it is! I haven’t had cereal in forever and I think my body must be craving extra calcium. I am not a milk drinker at all, but I feel I usually get plenty of calcium through yogurt and other dairy products. Not sure if that’s true, but I know extra milk is a good thing so I will stick with cereal for a while. We started buying Organic Valley when Super D was about two years old because milk was such a big part of her diet that we wanted to stay away from any added hormones or antibiotics. I don’t buy all organic foods, but certain things like milk are a must for me and I’m willing to pay the extra money. Dan and I actually read about a lot of the organic milk brands out there because mostly we thought, is it just all hype? In our opinion no, organic milk produced by a quality company is worth it. Dan refers to our milk as “liquid gold”. Super D is a milk connoisseur and she KNOWS when the milk is different. There have been times when we traveled where Super D just won’t drink milk because even without seeing the milk container, she knows it’s not her milk. I guess she is already brand loyal! Now that she is a little older she will drink milk at school when she gets to buy lunch once a week — it’s chocolate milk so that explains it. 🙂

I’m hoping to make it to the gym today for a slightly longer run and some weights. Before I head out here are some pictures of our holiday efforts:


Super D is awesome with play doh!


We did go with a smaller tree this year…almost too small. I was out voted and we went with colored lights instead of what everyone considers my boring white lights. I still love the tree!


Do you eat the same breakfast every day?

Organic milk: worth it or not?



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