No one has ever called me Suzy Homemaker and this is why

This is what it looks like when I “sew” a patch for Super D’s Brownie uniform:


The front isn’t much better.


I hope you can appreciate my pink thread against a white background. Super D is very fashion forward. What I lack in execution, I make up for in effort. I truly do NOT sew. When Super D wanted to join the Girl Scouts, her first question was, “who will sew on my patches”? No joke. I felt like saying, “GIRL, I’m wondering the same thing”! Then I found out patches are ironed on now. Yes! All of them except the one above…. I tried my best.

This is what it looks like when I “bake”:


The kids know I’m the cook and Dan is the baker. They were just happy that they got cookies last night!

While I’m putting it out there – I also don’t iron anything other than Brownie patches. I will straight up, get one of my clean shirts or dresses wet and throw it in the dryer and wear it slightly less wrinkled.

Here’s a life tip for anyone that is kind enough to wash the clothes of their husband, wife, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend….. if they take their clothes off inside out AND put it in the hamper inside out, then it will be washed INSIDE OUT and FOLDED INSIDE OUT. Give it a try. Dan knows the deal. 🙂 Now that Super D is eight, I may have to start enforcing this rule on her as well. I have avoided it because I’ll be honest, kids freak out over clothes being inside out when they are getting changed in the morning and I just can’t….. I just can’t do it before school in the mornings.

So back to being Suzy Homemaker. I recently decided to leave my full-time job and be at home more with the kiddos while I pursue personal business opportunities that will hopefully start taking shape in the Spring.

I felt like when I told people that I was going to be at home, their image of my polished professional self turned into this:

suzy homemaker

It doesn’t. It’s just life. Everyone needs clean underwear.

We all have our own limitations in certain areas. Get to know yours and move on or find the ones you want to change and change it! If I truly had a desire to sew then I would have a desire to learn, but I don’t need everyone asking me to sew on a button. 🙂 When I find limitations with running, I change up what I’m doing in order to get better because I have the desire. I may not bake, or sew, or iron, and I wash clothes with a little bit of an attitude, but I’m willing to try when I’m needed. I do a lot of things really well and I’m more than capable in life so I don’t beat myself up over not being a picture perfect parent.

As for the weekend, Super D will be walking in a Christmas parade with her Brownie Troop. Jacked up patch and all! She is really looking forward to it. Si-Guy is going to a Tae-Kwon-Do birthday party so I’m sure he will come home ready to kick and punch everything. I’m planning on running my “mountain” and hopefully see some improvements with my hill running times. On Sunday, the tree goes up! My favorite time of the year. We go to a place where we cut on our own tree. Let’s hope this year, we find a slightly smaller tree:


This is our tree from last year. I had to buy more decorations because it was so massive Dan had to stand on the ladder to put the angel on top. He is 6’3″. Yeah, we are going smaller this year.

Do you have any housework type things you refuse to do?

Anyone want to loan me a Sewing for Dummies book? 🙂







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