Running at Vanderbilt Mansion!

Today, Dan and I ran around the grounds at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park and it was a beautiful run! I repeat, Dan and I ran together! First, let me back up. Dan’s job as a pilot means pretty unusual hours so he had the day off in the middle of the week. His schedule is so much better with the new job and we ALL love it. Since he had the day off and it was going to be pretty warm out, I asked if he wanted to go for a run with me. “No, bro. I’m not really feeling a run”. Yes, we sometimes call each bro or bro-beans. The kids think we are nuts.

About five minutes later, he asked how far I planned to run, where, when…so many damn questions. 🙂 Needless to say, he changed his mind and he found the best place to go run – Vanderbilt Mansion. Dan does not like doing out and back runs so he’s really great about finding trails and loops that are interesting. We are still pretty new to the Hudson Valley so it’s fun checking out new places. Of course I had to use the bathroom when we got there so I was thankful for their visitor center which also had the most beautiful Christmas tree.


Once again I am wearing the one of two pair of running shorts that I like and don’t annoy me, but I am wearing shorts and it is almost December!

The loop around the grounds is three miles and the first mile was mostly down hill leading us to the Hudson River. The views were amazing.


Dan contemplating life….or why he agreed to run on his day off.


After the first mile, the run went onto a gravel path. It was so nice to be outside on such a warm day knowing we may not have too many more in the weeks to come. We saw a lot of people out walking with their dogs. Sunshine appeals to everyone.


I definitely want to run here in the Spring and Summer because I’m sure the path will have awesome shade from all of the trees when they are in full bloom. We ran the first 2 miles at a nice 8:32 pace. For the last mile, we took turns picking points to run sprints and then we did a cool down jog and walk.


I really wish I got a picture of the actual mansion. It is beautiful and they are completing the exterior renovations on it before the winter. I will have a great picture of it in the Spring!

We decided to really make this a run date and we had lunch at El Guacamole Mexican Grill which is only about a mile from Vanderbilt Mansion. The food and service were great and the portions were huge! I went with the enchiladas. I wanted all of it, but I brought left overs home.

IMG_1649 (2)

On the way home, we grabbed some coffee and I got ready to head out for Super D’s Brownie troop meeting. I am not a troop leader, but she really likes having me there and I love being able to participate and help. Here I am with my hair down for once. I didn’t want to embarrass Super D by showing up in sweaty running clothes.


Today was a good day!


Anyone else hate hair? I can’t stand fixing my hair, I get hot, I get bored, but in the end I’m glad I did it. 


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