What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner? Week of 11/27/17

Today will be all about the food! It is so hard trying to decide what to have for dinner after a big holiday and days of left overs. I couldn’t even try this weekend so we went out to dinner Saturday night and had left overs last night. It was just what I needed! Also, I’m still pretty sore from Saturday’s BodyCombat class that I think I will take another day before I run.

Before I get into this week’s meal plan, here is a quick recipe for my Dad’s turkey, vegetable and barley soup. He made this every year after Thanksgiving and it is so quick and healthy.

IMG_1632 (2).JPG

For those who hate to waste food, this soup is perfect because you use up the extra turkey, carrots, and celery from Thanksgiving. I make my own stock using the turkey after it has been carved and I throw in some garlic and onion. I strain the broth through a fine mesh strainer and I let the stock cool over night and then I skim it in the morning. I have also made this soup after roasting a whole chicken. You get a lot of stock so I freeze what I don’t use in the soup. Our turkey was well seasoned so I didn’t need to add a chicken bouillon cube, but I have in the past if I felt I needed a little extra flavor.

6 cups turkey or chicken broth

3/4 cup shredded turkey

2/3 cup barley

1/2 cup chopped carrots

1/4 cup diced celery

1 can diced tomatoes, drained

1 bay leaf

salt & pepper to taste

Bring stock, bay leaf, tomatoes, carrots, and celery to a boil. Cook at a low boil for 10 minutes and add the barley to cook for an additional 40 minutes or until tender. Ditalini pasta is a good substitute if you aren’t a fan of barley.

I also made this pasta salad last night to have with my lunches this week. It’s hard to pack school lunches for Super D sometimes because she doesn’t like sandwiches. Once a week, I make her a pasta salad with all of her favorite ingredients: carrots, olives, tomatoes and salami. To save time, I cook extra pasta for myself and add chopped spicy pepperoni, sharp white cheddar cubes and carrots. I’m already chopping and cooking so it is very little effort.

IMG_1633 (2).JPG

Week of 11/27/17

MondayPulled pork sandwiches, Cesar salad.

Tuesday: Slow cooker barbacoa for the best shredded beef tacos! I use this gimme some oven recipe. Side of Avocado (finally on sale and not $2.50 each!)

Wednesday: Oven baked chicken tenders, homemade stove top mac & cheese, roasted green beans.

Thursday: Pasta with bacon and capers in a garlic, wine sauce. Garden salad.

Friday: Chicken parmesan sliders.

Saturday: Take-out

Saturday is going to be a busy day. Super D has a couple of activities with her Brownie troop and Si-Guy has a birthday party late in the afternoon so I’m thinking we will be picking something up for dinner on the way home.

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Please share any of your favorite slow cooker recipes. I’m always looking for something new!

Are you completely over cooking and eating after Thanksgiving? 🙂





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