BodyCombat at Gold’s Gym Lagrange… I’m so tired


The gym was pumping today. Everyone must want to burn those Thanksgiving calories! This is an unofficial review of my BodyCombat class at Gold’s Gym Lagrange. I joined in the Spring because my previous gym didn’t offer classes and I really missed the hour-long work-outs to loud music and tons of energy. I’m so glad I made the change. Many areas of the gym have been renovated recently including the locker rooms which is awesome. I wanted to share information on my favorite group fitness class. I did check with Kelly Ann, the instructor to make sure she was ok with me taking her picture. I did not want to be that creepy person in the class busting out a camera for no apparent reason.

Before the class started, I dropped the kiddos off at the Kid Zone. I love the option of being able to take them when Dan and I are both out of the house. The kids love it! They have a rock climbing wall, basketball court and an area for soccer. They get fun and exercise which is great when the weather is too cold to be outside for long.


I headed to class with the largest water bottle I own because I am going to need it. That and a towel.


BodyCombat is an hour-long class and it is nothing like cardio kickboxing. I’m not knocking cardio kickboxing because I love that class as well and used to go to one regularly, but BodyCombat is a different beast and I love it. The class combines several different types of martial arts with an interval training format. You reach your peak, you come down a little and then you are right back at it. What I like most is the amount of core work I get doing the class because almost every move is designed to engage your core muscles. You can read more about the science behind the class here.  You really do work every muscle group. The jabs and combinations are challenging and really get the heart rate up! Here is Kelly Ann making it look easy.

She is so funny and great at motivating the class without being annoying or forced. Don’t get me wrong though, she is a total bad ass and will take you down.

There is a lot of lower body work that keeps you kicking until it burns and when you think you are done… keep going. This is excellent cross training for runners to build strength and endurance. I definitely use some modifications in the class when I can’t keep up and that just gives me another goal to reach. We always finish the class with a short amount of floor work and today I couldn’t even do one of the moves so I just held my plank position and prayed for it to end. It did and I was able to roll into the other ab work and push ups.

This is post class. I think you can see how I felt!


I sweat like the female, less built version of Matthew McConaughey. Sorry, Dan.

This class is good for everyone looking to try something new and challenging. You will find both men and women of all ages and fitness levels working hard. Even if you don’t have access to a BodyCombat class, get out and try something different! I’m going to take my own advice and try yoga soon. It won’t be pretty, but I’m going to try.

I’ll be back on Monday with my meal plan for the week.

Do any of you do yoga? Do you find it helps with running?


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