Happy Thanksgiving! What’s for dinner, what’s for dinner: Thanksgiving Edition


I’m looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving and a birthday today. We have a lot to do! As for breakfast…. I decided to enjoy my hard work from last night making deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are definitely a breakfast food, right?


Two of these and a bowl of cereal and I will be ready for a run when it warms up a little! My trick for making the deviled eggs slightly lighter is that I use yellow mustard instead of ground mustard like my dad’s recipe calls for. I find that you get the great mustard flavor, but I use less mayo because the mustard helps thin out the consistency. For those totally opposed to deviled eggs, I’m sorry … and you are crazy. 🙂


I told you- all day. Everyday. He asked me about five times after I already told him what we were having for dinner. Dinner that night included chicken so I’m pretty sure he kept asking in hopes he would get a different answer. He has the sneaky smile on his face because he knew I was taking a video of the dreaded question!

We do a pretty typical Thanksgiving feast with Turkey, potatoes, candied yams (NO marshmallows on top!), green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and I use this cornbread stuffing recipe. Instead of all cornbread, I use half cornbread and half white bread so the flavor isn’t too overwhelming. It is delicious and something a little different. I thought ahead and saved some delicious bread Dan made a few weeks ago and froze it just for the stuffing.

Remember the creepy hand I found in the car as a prank?


It took Si-Guy forever to realize I had it on my shoulder when I picked him from school!

Enjoy your day with family, friends, and food AND wish me luck on what will be a cold run before the crazy cooking really begins!

Are you a fan of deviled eggs?

Best Thanksgiving traditions?










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