Up in the gym working on my fitness. 4 miles!


I was out-of-town unexpectedly for a few days because…life. While I was away, Dan wanted to make sure I knew the kiddos were having some healthy lunches. Si-Guy definitely believes an apple a day will keep the doctor away.


Looks good to me and according to the little guy, Dan makes the best grilled cheese! I skimp on the butter. I can no longer say that Dan “doesn’t cook”. He made two new recipes for dinner over the weekend and they were a huge hit. I’m very impressed that he stepped up his cooking game.

I’m back and ready for some running talk. After a lot of hours in the car driving, I needed a good run to loosen up and clear my mind. I hit the gym this morning because it is crazy windy and there were even some snowflakes falling. I started with some strength training: lat pull downs, tricep kickbacks, crunches on the Bosu ball, squats and the hip sled. I like using the hip sled with light weights for a good lower body warm up before a run.

I headed to the cardio cinema room because it’s my favorite place to run when doing treadmill work. The only problem with today was that there were other people in there and they had ALL of the lights off. I had to use my phone to see any of the controls. Most people like it totally dark and just have light from the movie on the projector, but when I’m alone, I use dim lights because I’m certain that unless I can see, I am going to fall and go crashing into the equipment behind me. I managed to keep it together today. I even took a picture while running…in the dark. I don’t think I’m going to attempt that again.


I told you it was dark in there! It’s blurry because a)I’m running and b) I was scared for my balance and the likelihood that I was going to have to explain an injury for taking a selfie.

I did a few minutes of incline walking to complete my warm-up, restarted the treadmill and completed an easy 4 miles. It was a good day where my legs felt great, I didn’t regret going for 4 miles, and ended feeling like I could have run at least 5 miles. Even after a good warm-up, I always start the first few minutes at a slow pace and work up in speed from there until I settle into a comfortable pace. I threw in a few minutes of incline running, but kept it flat and slow for the most part.


4 miles at about a 9:30 pace and then close to a half mile cool down jog and walk. I really did feel so much better after a good run. I can be a bit of a stress eater, but I have gotten better about controlling that over the years and running has been the reason I have been able to do it. Stress eating really salty foods at night (I can skip sugar all together, but I can’t pass up chips and dip) made any run the next day feel pretty terrible. I started being more aware of what I was eating and then I realized that running or some form of exercise just made me feel better. I definitely still have times where I feel like my food choices are more based on my mood than what I need, but I’m ok with that because it isn’t often and I prefer foods that are good for me… most of the time.

In case you didn’t think I had a good work-out…..


I just tell myself that I sweat a lot because I have a super efficient cooling system from years of running. 🙂 Next up will be some speed work or if the weather isn’t terrible, a hill work-out so I can conquer the “mountain” in my neighborhood.

Anyone else a stress eater? Sweet or salty foods?

Do you believe in running on Thanksgiving morning? I do, but Dan can’t be dragged out of the house! It’s all about the parade and food.


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