Get to know me….some more!

Hey everyone! I wanted to do one more “get to know me” post since my blog is still very new. First though, check out the homemade baked potato soup from the other night. I think I’m getting better at food pictures! It turned out really well and I will be sharing recipes next week in addition to my weekly meal plan.


I normally top it with chopped green onions and crumbled bacon, but I forgot the green onion and I made a bacon dish last week so I decided to skip it. When I told Dan I skipped the bacon because we had it recently, he looked at me like to said 2+2=10.

It’s hard to think about what to share with all of you. What is somewhat interesting, what is too much information?? I will stick to some random bits of information.

Nine years ago Dan and I adopted Dexter, a German Shepherd that is so sweet. I have never had a German Shepherd and I was truly pretty nervous at first. Look at the size of that head!


He was about two years old when we adopted him and he was picked up as a stray outside of L.A. This dog is my protector and constant companion. He won’t even eat unless I’m home. He is so gentle and not just “for a big dog”, but his level of sweetness is matched by the same amount of anxiety. I always figured it was because he was a former stray.

I used to be an actress. I didn’t win any academy awards! I performed in theatre for a number of years and have been in productions in Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Florida and California. Military family=a lot of moving. One of my best memories was the show I did in Florida, it was the biggest theatre I had ever performed in. Think intricate décor, a massive balcony, and dressing rooms in the bowels of the building. On opening night, Dan had a massive bouquet delivered to the theatre and managed to get a group of about 20 of his military buddies to come to the performance. I think it was a first for many of them!

I was told I would never have kids and I have two! Super D (we have called her that since she was a baby) and Si-Guy (pronounced sigh, not see). In 2008 I had two surgeries that resulted in an ovary and fallopian tube being removed on one side and the other side was badly damaged. I was actually happy about the outcome because going into the second surgery, I was told they would have to remove my remaining ovary and tube which would have left me on hormone replacement therapy at the age of 28. My awesome doctor worked hard and didn’t have to remove anything, but told me I was infertile. Basically what I had left was jacked up beyond repair. Two months later, I was pregnant so I truly feel like we have miracle babies and I’m not one to believe in miracles.

That’s it for now! Next time you need some motivation to get out and run, think of this:


Truth is truth. 🙂 I actually met Reese Witherspoon in 2001. I went to NYC for a birthday trip and met her outside the back door of the MTV studios after she promoted Legally Blonde. I was not cool at all. I just kind of stood there trying to say hi.

I’ll be back soon with some running updates!

Have you ever met a celebrity? 





3 thoughts on “Get to know me….some more!”

  1. Love the blog, Elizabeth! I miss hearing about your kiddos and exchanging recipes with you so this is great! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Bday to Silas! Miss you guys!!


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