Brooks demo shoe run at Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie


I stuck to the plan and went to the demo run at Fleet Feet on Sunday even though it was 34 degrees! I’m making progress with the cold weather running. I’m not a Brooks only type of runner nor am I brand loyal at this point, but my current shoes are my first pair of Brooks and I love them.

I used to wear mostly Nike’s because back in the day my feet were super narrow and they fit the best. After having two kids, my feet got bigger and wider yet I still wore narrow shoes AND I wondered why I was having so many toe issues. Not too bright. Maybe I didn’t want to admit to myself how big my feet got? Who would have cared? Just goes to show that our own self perception can lead you to do dumb stuff… wear shoes too small that cause painful, ugly blisters on your toes. I’m guessing my 60 pound weight gain (not a typo) with my first pregnancy followed by a second pregnancy two years later made my feet do a lot of work!

I really wanted to try the Glycerin 15 and I was happy they still had my size in the demo shoes. My current Brooks are size 8, but the Glycerin’s run a little smaller so I went up to the 8.5 and they felt great. Lots of cushion and comfort, but with a fitted feel. Bonus- the demo shoes were even in the color combination I really like. In case a certain gentleman friend of mine is reading this post – here are the shoes. Glycerin 15. Size 8.5! Color code: 465. Christmas is coming.


The owner at Fleet Feet is super sweet and the Brooks rep was informative, easy-going and not pushy about the products. After everyone picked their shoes, we headed out for a 3ish mile loop by the store. There were about nine of us on the run and it was a really friendly group. I have seen some group runs posted on the Fleet Feet FB page, but I have never gone and this was a great first experience meeting other runners. Local runners/walkers should check out the store. I have been several times for shopping and I love it. There are not many options in our area for quality shoes and gear so I’m happy to have them so close by!

After the run, everyone hung out, chatted, had coffee and entered for the raffle prizes. I won an outdoor chair that will come in handy in about….5 months?


The kids just HAD to see what was in the blue bag. WHAT’S IN THE BAG?!


Pretty cool chair! Super D likes to relax in her pajamas whenever possible. She tipped out of the chair about two seconds later. Nothing wrong with the chair, but crashing out of the chair is way more dramatic.

The demo shoe run was a good way to spend a Sunday morning and I hope to join Fleet Feet for upcoming runs and training groups in the Spring. I’m guessing not much will be going on now with the time change/weather?

I will leave you with this in closing.


Holy hell. I can’t even.


Did anyone else think after the toddler stage, toys would be easier to deal with? I know, crazy talk.

Anyone else experience bigger feet after kids?

Any good runs or races over the weekend?



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