What’s for dinner? What’s for dinner?

This is the question my kids (Super D and Si-Guy) like to ask from sun up until actual dinner time. I will say, Si-Guy is the one to ask it the most. Mostly he asks to make sure we aren’t having chicken….again. We eat a lot of chicken, but at one point over the summer I think I really overdid it because he kept telling me he “needed a break from chicken”. He’s very opinionated for an almost 6 year old. He just doesn’t like chicken, but he suffers through it. The kid would live off of peanut butter and jelly, meatballs, oranges, apples, grapes and seltzer water. All day, everyday.

This was dinner last night…..


My original meal plan was switched up since we decided to go out for lunch yesterday so I didn’t want to have pizza for dinner. I threw together this easy pasta for dinner. I sort of created this recipe a few years ago by combining elements from a couple different recipes I found in a cooking magazine. It’s my bacon and caper pasta in wine sauce. It is one of the few dishes both kids like a lot. Small miracles. Super D is thrilled if she gets extra capers!

Total side note before I get into the meal plan for this week. I am now a HUGE believer in screen protectors:


I have never cracked a screen on any phone which is hard to believe because I’m pretty clumsy and half the time my phone is thrown into my purse. I dropped it outside and only the screen protector cracked. I need another one immediately.

I do plan meals for the week to help with shopping and it also helps me make sure we have variety (not tooooooo much chicken). Based on schedules and activities, the day of the meals change, but I try to stick with what I planned.

Week of 11/12/17

Sunday: Beef stew served over mashed potatoes

Monday: Chicken, broccoli, cheddar and pasta casserole (I make my own roux because cream of chicken soup freaks me out a little bit. I do use it occasionally if I’m crunched for time)

Tuesday: Homemade baked potato soup, big salad, and homemade bread (bread courtesy of Dan because I DO NOT BAKE and Dan does NOT COOK…. unless it’s spaghetti)

Wednesday: Baked spaghetti (Thanks, Dan!) with side salad.

Thursday: Leftover night – I always make a ton of soup and there is always leftover spaghetti so a good way to use up what we have.

Friday: Chicken tacos or quesadillas. Three out of the four of us love chicken tacos so it’s often on the menu.

Saturday: Homemade pizza night. Salad and fruit. The kids love making the dough and with their help, it’s kind of like I’m not even baking! We have amazing pizza delivery, but we still like to make our own from time to time.

Horses make me really happy.


Super D started horseback riding lessons last month. She is horse crazy just like me. I used to ride and I can’t wait to start again soon.


Indoor riding ring today because it is ridiculously cold. That’s sweet Norman she is riding. Si-Guy and I have fun watching her lesson, playing with the cats, petting all of the horses and hanging out with Penelope the pig. That belly is intense!


Tomorrow I am headed to the my local Fleet Feet in Poughkeepsie for a cool event they are hosting with their Brooks rep. They are doing a demo run with the Levitate and Glycerin shoes. It sounds like we will be doing about 3 miles and I’m excited for it, but it looks like a cold day. Time to bust out the hat and gloves!

Have a good weekend and I’ll let you know about the demo run.

Any horse lovers? Do you still ride? How do you afford it? 🙂

Let me know if you are interested in any of my recipes. I’m more than happy to share. 





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