Get to know me!

I never thought writing my very first blog post would be so daunting, but it is! I feel like I’m a little late to the blogging scene, but I am super excited to give it a try. I’m actually not an avid blog reader. I first found Skinny Runner Girl in 2012 when I was looking for motivation to get back into running, but she shut down her blog not long after. From there I stumbled across Hungry Runner Girl and fANNEtastic food To this day, those are the only 2 blogs I read daily and they are both great!

I recently left my great, very corporate type of job to pursue some personal business opportunities (more on that to come as things develop) and to have more time at home with my two kiddos. Don’t worry, I didn’t give up my job with thoughts of being a blogging superstar/millionaire. 🙂 I’m not that crazy.

What you will find on this blog is a lot of running talk, fitness goals in general, recipe and meal plan ideas and hopefully some fun, random information for when you need a break from the serious stuff called life.

What you won’t find in this blog is closet full of super cute running outfits and beautiful, photogenic pictures of me running effortlessly. I have about 2 pairs of running shorts that I actually like and wear – all of the time. So much so that the elastic is pretty much shot in the waistband. I spend half of my time running jacking up my shorts. Not pretty, I know. I really need to go shopping.

Now onto the running and food stuff! It’s been getting cold here in the Hudson Valley so I have had more treadmill runs. I really need to get some cold weather gear. That and I need to toughen up and run outside when it gets below 50 degrees! Here’s a typical breakfast for me that I now enjoy at home instead of at my desk in the office. Yes, I would bring hard boiled eggs to the office – is that rude?


I like my iced tea in the morning. It was 29 degrees this morning and I still have a cold drink to start my day!

Treadmill run from the other day. Time and distance includes my cool down jog/walk. I warm up separately and then re-start the treadmill. I ran a little over 3 miles at an 8:55 pace which is pretty good for me since I am always slower on the treadmill than when I run outside.


My gym has a cardio cinema room which is awesome and helps the miles fly by. I got to watch Mission Impossible – running while Tom Cruise is doing crazy stunts is pretty fun. Before the run, I started with some upper body strength training. No pictures because I still feel like a weirdo taking too many pictures!

Thanks for taking the time to read my first post! I tried a new workout that I will write about later this week, but until then, I would love any first comments so here are a few questions:

Do you run faster outside or on the treadmill? 

Yay or nay on taking eggs/stinky foods to the office? (Just to be clear, I ate quickly and threw everything out in the kitchen trash!)




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  1. Jaime Lemonde

    I say yay for taking eggs to work…me, who sat near you, never smelled them lol. I only ever run outside..for some reason i hate running on the treadmill; but when I go walking, I find I walk faster outside than I do on the treadmill…love, love walking/running outdoors. Congrats on your blog! Looking forward to upcoming posts ☺


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